Friday, July 6, 2012

Fourth Festivities

We had a lovely time celebrating the Fourth. Thought I'd share a few pictures (though out of order, since I don't know how to add pics from my phone and keep them in chronological order).

I left work early on the third to work from home in the afternoon -- but in between work at the office and work at home, I went to a yoga class, which was so nice.

Then we had keys to hubby's co-worker's apartment (one of the suburbs here with the best fireworks show does their show on the third). Exactly what you'd expect from an older recently-divorced bachelor. I laughed out loud when I opened his fridge. Sharing photos of the fridge, the freezer and the pantry. We were trying to figure out what he ate -- we brought our own food and had dinner at his place, and it wasn't until I opened the trash can to throw away something that I saw the Taco Bell bag, a pizza box, etc. Anyway, after dinner at his place, we went upstairs to the rooftop pool. We were joking that we felt like we were at an MTV pool party. It was funny to see all these kids just out of college (or in college probably in some cases) partying. There was a DJ, a pool, and tons of alcohol. And an awesome view of the fireworks. After the fireworks, we laid around on a lounge chair talking, playing with our phones, listening to the music, and watching the kids, until we got tired. Then we went back down to the apartment and napped for a while on the couch, waiting for traffic to subside.

On the Fourth, I was exhausted but decided to go to boot camp anyway. We'd gotten home around 1:30 a.m., and I got up at 5, but I figured I wouldn't be working out much in Pennsylvania, so better to get it in. And really, an extra hour of sleep wasn't going to remedy the sleep deficiency.

After boot camp, I got dressed and finished packing pretty fast, and then we went to the airport for our flight at 9 to Pittsburgh. Hubby and I both had middle seats, one row apart. I boarded first b/c we were on American, so I sat in my seat and waited for people in his row to show up. First the woman with the window seat came, and I asked if she'd switch with me. She said no, she really wanted to look out the window. I said okay, and really, I completely understood not wanting to swap a window seat for a middle seat. Then the lady on his aisle showed up, and I asked her to switch and she said yes. So hubby and I sat together. The funniest thing -- the woman in the window seat kept the shade closed until about the last 30 seconds of the flight. Hahahaha. Lies! All lies! Like I said, I understood not wanting a middle seat, but why did she have to come up with the whole sham about wanting the view?

Anyway, in Pittsburgh we had lunch at the in-laws' house, then went to hubby's cousin's house for a big pool party and meal. It was a lot of fun, but I felt a little guilty for not bringing anything to contribute to the meal. Oh, and there was like nothing vegetarian. They made some tuna steaks on the grill (along with bbq chicken and hot dogs) for hubby and one of his brothers who aren't big meat eaters, but nothing for the lone vegetarian. There was plenty to eat though, and I made do. Salad, fruit, corn on the cob, dessert, and a hot dog bun filled with pickles and onions. No complaints. All the time with his family was nice. Two of his brothers were there with their wives, plus his parents, one of his nephews and his wife and their kids, and then his aunt, one of her daughters (whose house it was), plus her husband, a few of her kids, some of their spouses and/or friends. We got to sit around talking, swimming, eating, and drinking. Lovely day!

Then we went with one of hubby's brothers and his wife to watch local fireworks near hubby's parents' house. Surprisingly good show!

Now I work for two days remotely while hubby gets to hang out with his folks and relax. Thursday from a cafe, Friday from hubby's aunt's house.

The scene from the rooftoop on the Third, plane doing flyover loop:

Fireworks in Texas on the Third:

More rooftop festivities on the Third (don't know any of these people...):

Hubby's co-worker's fridge.  No, not joking:

And the freezer view:

And the pantry:  (seriously, how does he survive??)

In Pennsylvania on the Fourth, random people in hubby's family and some of their friends:

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