Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Double Surprise

Last night we were meeting friends for a surprise happy hour. A male friend who is an awesome social organizer (kind of rare) planned a surprise happy hour for his girlfriend's birthday. She had a big pool party on Saturday (that we did not attend, I was busy that day, hubby was working), so I think having a surprise happy hour on her actual birthday was unexpected. But he blew it a little bit when he got to the bar, and the waitress asked if they were meeting people and he said yes, so she had advance notice by about 20 seconds.

But the cool thing was that she was surprised and grinning ear to ear. And then she surprised us -- they'd gotten engaged about an hour earlier!

It was funny because they've been dating for a couple years now, but every time we've talked about it, he would talk about how when they first started dating she'd said something about not needing to get engaged for five years, and he had apparently seized on that. So she figured they'd get engaged in about 2.5 more years. Happy surprise for her. They're a wonderful match, so it was a happy night of celebrating.

I made horrible food choices (fries and grilled cheese) and I drank, but at least I kept it to a single beer. My whole plan of eating out less this month and working on eating cleaner was completely derailed but it's a new day I suppose. I should try to go to yoga tonight but my shoulder still hurts. I went to boot camp and survived though, so I guess it's worth a shot.

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  1. Sweet story. :) They look so happy together.

    Don't beat yourself up about the food thing, just start fresh today. I know I am.