Thursday, July 12, 2012

Licking the Knife

Here's an awkward story. Imagine someone to whom you are not related but is in a position of superiority to you and with whom you must get along. Like say your boss. Or your mother-in-law. Or a state official. Or a regional director of a major company that you're interviewing with. I won't say which. And this person knows you well. Knows you love desserts, especially baked goods. Especially carrot cake, but only if it's made without nuts.  Yes, this person knows you so well that he or she knows you love carrot cake, but only nut-free carrot cake.  So this person makes a nut-free carrot cake especially for a dinner for you. You know, an official state dinner at which you are representing your country. For years, no matter how full you have been, you've always indulged in a dessert this person made for you.  You've even joked recently with this person about how, no matter how full you are, there's always room in your stomach for a good dessert.  And beyond that, it's rare to have a state dinner in your honor and you wouldn't want to offend your host.

But this year you learn something alarming.

Someone you'd trust with your life (you know, like your long-time personal bodyguard, your bestest friend in the whole world, your spouse, your mother, your loyal dog who talks, whoever, you guess) told you something you wish you could unhear.  This person said that during the making of the nut-free carrot cake, your boss (or whomever I may be referring to) was observed (first-hand, by the most trusted person) to have been licking the knife while frosting the cake. You learn this hours before the dinner.

What do you do????

Eat the cake assuming he or she has done this to all prior cakes that you've eaten and it hasn't killed you yet? Feign a stomach illness or being full to avoid eating the cake? Try to just eat the cake and hope your plate of remaining frosting will go unnoticed?

Aye, awkward.  I went with the first option -- it's probably happened before and it won't kill me...


  1. LOL! Sounds like a Seinfeld episode only I'm sure it would have been handled much differently. Oh wow that is uncomfortable but I would probably have eaten it too out of obligation. People are so strange. Part of my job is interviewing patients upon admission and I learn all sorts of unsettling information about people. I always hope that I won't somehow meet them in other circles in my life.

  2. Yup, I'd have eaten it too.

    Hope it was good carrot cake!