Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas is Coming!

I finally feel like it's almost time.  I go home in less than a week now!!  This weekend was productive, with 4 major accomplishments on my holiday list: 

1.  Finally got a couple things wrapped to put under the tree (tree has been up and decorated for a couple weeks).  Have some more wrapping to do this week at night, and then tons next week when I'm home since I've shipped a lot of stuff directly.

2.  Finished all our cards except the ones to Italy -- need to find some blank cards (or Italian Christmas cards that are not duplicates of the ones we've used the last couple years) and then do those.

3.  Finished the shopping except for a few things to do when I get home next week, and one more thing to do this week.  No photos in case my family sees! 

4.  Finished my baking.  My neighbor came over yesterday and we made 6 kinds of cookies!  Here are the baking pictures.  We made two kinds of white chocolate cranberry cookies (one with brandy, one with oatmeal), traditional Scotch Shortbreads, a no-bake wreath cookie, and then two new recipes.  First, pumpkin ginger snaps (an idea from a blog but not sure whose) and swirled mint cookies (from Deliciously Healthy's blog post here; figured they'd be a colorful addition). 

The conspicous holes on the cooling racks show where we sampled the goods!  They were all quite tasty.  So what's left?  We're doing our holiday lights viewing on Wednesday night.  I have to package up the cookies.  I have to order one brother's gift.  The aforementioned cards.  And packing! 

I'm so excited to go home.  I can just imagine sitting on the couch sharing a blanket with my mom, reading books by the fire and drinking tea.  They have a couple feet of snow on the ground already... 

Okay, now on to today's Reverb. 
December 13 – Action.  When it comes to aspirations, it’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step? (Author: Scott Belsky)
Well, isn't that funny?!  I hadn't read the prompt but wanted to write about Christmas preparations today since I finally had some pictures to share.  Anyway, that makes for a simple answer today.  Next steps, in order: 

Affixing more stamps to cards, checking off the card list, putting them in the mail.
Ordering a gift card for my bro
Wrapping remaining gifts for local friends and godchildren
Shopping for one friend's gift
Packaging cookies for coworkers, friends, godchildren
Night viewing of holiday lights with our neighbors and warm drinks on Wed. 
Packing my suitcase
Pay bills and most recent parking ticket
Going to the airport and flying home for more than a week!
Wrapping all my amazon goodies
Shopping for the last few items
Making one kind of cookie that my mom doesn't like making
Relax and enjoy time with family and friends!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and trying one of the recipes! :D

  2. Your cookies look delish - I loved that one that Deliciously Healthy had, too. I want to make those with my nieces this vacation.

    It seems like you're really organized for Christmas. Good luck getting all of your last-minute stuff done - then you can really relax!