Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend bummer

Friday night, the alarms on my phone looked like this:

For the non-Italian speakers, this is what it says:
Sundays 4:47 am
Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:47 am
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 5:00 am
Next alarm (Saturday) 6:20 am

Yuck!  That means no sleeping in at all.  I am struggling with my weekend schedule these days. 

Every Sunday for the foreseeable future is packed to the gills.  Long run, quick breakfast, throw lunch in the oven (if lunch will be a potato), Bikram yoga class, quick lunch, shower, prep dinner, throw in laundry, drive to Chinese class in BFE (aka Plano), Chinese class for hourSSS, drive home, make dinner, deal with laundry, scarf down dinner, church, bed.  

No one is making me do any of those things.  All things I want to do.  No one would care if I stopped doing any or all of them (except laundry, which is definitely my job). But it kind of feels like too much.
I should say it feels like too much if it's coupled with a busy Saturday. If I could have a Saturday of downtime, I think I'd love my Sundays.

My current Sunday schedule leaves no time to make lunches for the week, pack outfits for running commutes, do billable work, or chill out and watch Lifetime or work on a puzzle or something.  But if I could do that stuff on Saturdays, it would probably feel fine. 
But this weekend's Saturday included a 6:20 alarm (and really, it should have been 6, but I decided to set it for later and run around like a crazy woman in the morning).  And of course hubby got up at 5 (he takes lots longer to get ready pre-race than I do), so I partially woke up with his alarm.  Then 6:20 came and it was a non-stop flurry of activity.  Getting dressed, pinning bibs, putting on chips, finishing packing for the rest of the day, and getting into the car.  Then we drove WAY north of BFE for a race.  The race went well.  Since we got there later than I wanted, I didn't have enough time to warm up.  I did a mile and some drills, but not good in general and I felt it.  Fortunately, my current best running buddy was there with his wife and daughter, who were doing the fun run.  So I got to have some company for the race.  We ran the race together at a "comfortably hard" pace.  We ended up about 10-30 seconds per mile faster than I planned/expected but I managed.  And even scored an AG award.  I was worried I'd pay for not following the plan during the long run on Sunday, but itw was fine.  Directly after the race and awards ceremony, we went to hubby's best friend's house (part of the reason we decided to run the 5k up there anyway).  We spent the day with them, eating, talking, and swimming/lounging in the pool.  I snoozed a little, but it was an exhausting day.  The pool water was cold (rainy days lately with highs in the 80s, so about 20 degrees below normal). Their kids are so bad.   They'd tell the kids no splashing but they kept doing it.  And making seriously rude jokes.  Ugh. Just busy being 8 & 10 year old boys I guess!  We left their house around 3 and stopped for lunch on the drive home, finally getting home around 4:30, then I had to pick recipes for the week and make the grocery list.  Then hubby shopped, I did some house cleaning, we ate a little and crashed.  Just to wake up at 4:47 the next morning and have a full, full, nonstop Sunday.  


Hoping for a calmer week since I'm going to work from home.  As a bonus, that means I can go to yoga at lunch.  The yoga studios are close to my house and no one cares if I stay in yoga clothes and don't immediately shower after class (which is why I can't do yoga at lunch when I'm working in the office)  And I'll have time to do things like cook dinner -- even if it just means throwing beats in the oven to roast for an hour before we eat, usually during the week, that's not an option since we both get home around 7 and aim to be finished eating and cleaning up by 8.  And besides working at home this week, hopefully this Saturday will be quiet!  


  1. Whew - crazy week schedule! I hope that the work-from-home deal works well for you this week and gives you flexibility.

  2. Congrats on the AG award and doing better than you planned in the race!

    That is a lot to do on the weekends, and when you've been having weekends like that every week, I'm sure it takes its toll. One thing I do when I have crazy weekends is either to take a day off or even half-day on Friday to get things done (though I have lots of vacation time) or work from home. I usually work from home one day a week, and that really helps because it not only saves the commute time but you can also get small things done like doing laundry. So it's good that you're working from home this week!

  3. I would give anything for more hours in the day. I feel like this most days and I only sleep 5 hours on a good day! Congratulations on the AG award! That must feel great especially when you think you're not having your best day. My son's behind would have been out of that pool for that kind of behavior! I hope things calm down for you this week. Enjoy yoga! I have got to get back to it.

  4. Wow I'm way backed up on my blog reading! I realized after I commented above that your week of working at home already happened, LOL!