Thursday, August 21, 2014

Most Spectacular Run

I'm late in posting but I have to share some photos from a run I did last week in New Mexico.  Perhaps one of the most beautiful runs of my life, definitely the most beautiful one where I've ever had a camera with me (well, phone camera) and the time to stop as I wished to take pictures.

I left my hotel, thinking I had time for an easy 8.  Once I got going and realized how much I was loving every step, I decided I'd make it 9 miles, going easy and slow to the Uturn, then hauling @ss to get back to my hotel on time.  

And then, oops, suddenly I was over 5 miles from the hotel and I was quite unhappy with the bind I'd put myself in.  Even hauling butt, I figured I was going to be at least 15 minutes late, probably more like 20-30 since I'd taken so many pictures.  

So you get to reap the benefits, while I paid the price of unshaven legs, a poorly packed suitcase, no jewelry for a day in court, and going to meet counsel with damp hair.  

In retrospect, totally worth it.  

Low humidity, 10 degrees cooler than in Texas, a spectacular sunrise over mountains, a rainbow over a field, a gravel path I had all to myself as I ran along the Rio Grande, a day the miles ticked away with no effort.  A magical run.  Frickin' rainbows, literally!!!  It really was the kind of day that keeps me running. 

Sorry for the abundance of photos (and all crappy iphone ones), it seemed to get more and more beautiful.

Feel free to vote for your favorite.

1:  Seeing the mountains and the early morning sky leaving the hotel: 

2.  Mountains from the hotel, they're called the Organ Mountains, because they look like a pipe organ:

3.  Sunrise over the mountains on the road I ran most of the run: 

4.  Pretty field:

5.  Sunrise, getting brighter: 

6.  Another field: 

7.  Yeah, that's a rainbow: 

8.  Rainbow bolt: 

9.  More mountain sunrise: 

10.  Mountain sunrise, I was in awe: 

11.  The day dawning: 

12.  More rainbow, just shooting out of the sky: 

13.  Rainbow leading to a pot of gold: 

14.  A zoom attempt on the rainbow: 

15.  Sums up why I had to keep running: 

16.  Dawn (alba in Italian): 

17.  Corn field: 

18.  A view past the trail I was getting on (trail had the orange sign): 

19.  Looking back where I'd come: 

20.  Felt so idyllic: 

21.  More sunrise: 

21.  State Park where I ran, lovely crushed gravel trail: 

22.  The Rio Grande, with sunrise: 

23.  Another shot of the Rio Grande: 

24.  The trail I ran, crushed gravel and glorious: 

25.  Looking back toward town: 

26.  View for much of the run (along the Rio Grande).

27.  Proof photo sent to my husband to prove that by crossing the Rio Grande, I had not in fact gone into Mexico: 
So see why I just wanted to keep on running?  By far one of the best runs ever. 


  1. Wow ... such great pictures. I love #3 and #9-11, but then also I can picture running on #24 ... aaahhhh ... :) Thanks for sharing! (and if I didn't know it was coming, how can it be late?!?) haha

  2. Just gorgeous. I lived in New Mexico for a very brief time but it was in the very southern part of the state. There, the Rio Grande was a measly trickle. And there was zero green anything (which is why I left so quickly). This looks beautiful--mountains, sunrise, rainbow, what more could you ask for?

  3. That was amazing! I have never stopped to take pictures while I run. It would take me too long to get my phone out of my gear belt and snap pictures as I don’t run with my phone in my hand. But there have been times when I wished I could have taken pictures while running. Especially now that I’m starting my runs before dawn and watching the sunrise as I run.

  4. Beautiful! I would have continued running too. I miss scenic running. I'm so tired of the same scenery. The colors must have been even more spectacular in person. What a great way to start the day.