Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rough start

Well, today is not going well.  I hit a little height differential on a sidewalk at boot camp this morning, while out on a short run next to the art museum, which is incidentally pitch black at 5:35 a.m. or whenever I hit it. 

And I totally wiped out.

What's really funny is that I fell at boot camp almost exactly a year ago.  And that time, I twisted my ankle, got a huge scrape on my elbow, and even ended up scraping my face a bit, which really pissed me off since it was the day we were heading out to go to my 20th high school reunion.  So I'd gone about 30 years without any scrapes on my face, and then for the first time I see a vast majority of people in 20 years, I have a scrape on my face.

In reality, that fall wasn't too bad.  The twisted ankle really scared me, but it was fine within about a week, and the face scrape was barely visible, and the elbow eventually healed.

So when I compare today to last year, this fall was much better.  First, I didn't twist anything!  Second, I didn't hit my face.

Unfortunately, however, I scraped the $hit out of my Garmin, and scraped my Jawbone up a bit (and lost the cap, which is INSANELY irritating): 
And I can't say that my body was unscathed.  It's just scrapes, so it will heal much faster than a sprain, and despite the fall, I managed to get in part of the workout, and then I still managed to run home, have breakfast, and then run to work.  Honestly though, I didn't really have many other options since my car had stayed at the office overnight!  I guess I could have taken a cab or Uber or called a coworker for a ride to get to work, but running was really the easiest way to deal with it since I was carless.  Though I didn't twist an ankle, I landed hard on my knee, so I got some major road rash: 

And I hit the outside of my hand, including somehow scraping a little divit out of my pinky (the part covered in the bandaid already) (which still hurts like a mother, even now, more than 6 hours later!): 

And I took a major dig on my shoulder: 
(Yeah lots of freckles from way too much sun exposure.)
And as a bonus, since I had to run to work, my outfit was already at work, waiting for me in my garment bag.  What would you guess would be the worst thing to have to wear with those injuries?  If you guessed a skirt and a white shirt, you'd be right!  Thus far, I haven't bled through the bandage on my shoulder, and at least the shirt's not sleeveless, but I still feel fairly ridiculous with a huge bandaid on my knee. 
If only the garmin and jawbone would heal up at the same rate my scrapes do, a month from now, it would be like the tumble never happened. 
Ugh, not the way to start a new year.  At least instead of looking my age, I look more like an 8 year old now with all the scrapes. 


  1. Ugh - that is a great fall! Fortunately you are not more banged up, but definitely not fun. And since you're an old fogey you'll be feeling it for a week or so (haha). But on the bright side I'm sure you've been asked a hundred times what happened! Yay for that, right?

    And I hate when stuff like that happens ... two years ago I was trail running at 8500ft in Park City Utah on a trip (yeah, that was awesome!) ... my running belt got lost coming back from vacation the month before, and I ended up taking a couple of spills and banging up the phone ... it was fine, but then the next week we were shopping and I dropped it 2 feet on to soft carpet and the screen basically exploded! Ugh!

  2. Ouch! Glad to hear it wasn't worse! Just think of your Garmin and Jawbone as being nice and broken in!

  3. Not too bad? That's some serious skinning! I imagine it will take a few days to be at its "worst" unfortunately, so keep the ibuprofen handy.

  4. Yikes! I was just thinking it's now pitch black when I run and I should probably invest in lights so I don't trip & fall. This has convinced me to do that! Hope your scrapes heal quickly. As for the Garmin, that's sad. But hey, we all have our battle scars, so why should our Garmins be different?

  5. Sorry, but my first thought was "thank goodness I wasn't there so Jay wouldn't blame us for chatting instead of running" ;). Seriously, so sorry you fell - that looks brutal! I fell a year or so ago in Houston running in the dark before work ... and same thing, I only had a skirt to wear that day and didn't have other options since I was traveling. My clients never let me live that one down. Hope you're feeling better :(.

  6. My first thought when I saw the pictures on this post was OMG! I hope she’s alright! Thankfully, you are alright. Sorry about the scrapes on your Garmin and your Jawbone…that part really sucks!

  7. Do you get mad at the sidewalk or road for a brief minute because there is no one else to blame? I do! I'm so glad you are ok save for the scrapes on you and your gadgets. Those are some pretty major scrapes on you though. The Garmins can take a licking though. I swear mine has face planted a few times and still runs like a charm. I hope you heal quickly.