Friday, August 8, 2014

Quiet QT

Since my boss was on vacation this week and he's the main reason for my in-office work hours, this past week, I worked from home every day.  And as a bonus, yesterday, so did my husband! 

He almost never works from home, but he had some paperwork to do and phone calls to make, and yesterday, he elected to do it from home.

I think just a day of being together, even mostly non-talking, was good for us.

Though I should note for the record, there was more talking than I probably wanted.  As Megan can attest, my husband is a pretty talky guy.  He was listening to NPR much of the time while he worked, but even when it was off, the amount of commentary was alarming -- at one point, I was compelled to use the line, "you're killing me Smalls!"  Someone (probably Mike) posted an article not long ago about couple/marital longevity and one of the key points seemed to be responding to "bids" for attention.  I shut down so many bids today, but I swear, sometimes it's like having a 5 year old around... "honey, look at this," "did you hear that?" "hahahaha" "hey, are you busy?" "no way!" "I have to tell you something just let me know when you have one minute free" "honey, hey, honey" "hahahaha" and not to count all the reading aloud of sentences he was writing and voicing of thoughts he was forming.  Endless stream I tell you! 

But nonetheless, we each managed to get a full day's work done, all within feet of each other, which was simply lovely.  Life has seemed so chaotic lately, but honestly, we've had a vast majority of our evenings together.  But having a full day together without going anywhere was nice, even though we spent it working.  I think it was particularly heart-filling for me since I'm back on the road starting next week (kicking things off in New Mexico), but hopefully it will just be a day or two each week for a little while. 


  1. Ha ha! My husband would definitely do the same if he worked at home with me. But nice that you got to spend the day together at home.

  2. That sounds like such a nice way to spend a workday. It's that ease of not needing to say anything, but still feeling close that I'm envious of. I love the phrase "heart-filling," that's the perfect way to describe it.

  3. Good for you guys getting the time, you know how I feel about all of that stuff in my life. :) I think working from home presents unique challenges, I can do well, but I can also get very scattered ... and since I am already a 5 year old - and Lisa is no better - we'd be quite a pair! (To be fair, in her previous job she had loads of home stuff to do, so we did have many times we were both working and it went fine).

  4. Hehe ... catching up. Sometimes he can be chatty, and other times he's quiet! But I love the bids for attention theory! Missing you guys - thinking I may try to brave it tomorrow at bootcamp if you're there!