Monday, August 11, 2014


An obligatory post to say that I survived my first 20 mile training run in temps of over 80 degrees.  I would not say I thrived, I would not say it was fast, I would not say it was pleasant, but it is done.  I'm glad I started at 5:30 or the temps would have been unbearable.  I ran a route with a lot of shade, but by the last hour, it just felt hot and any stretch in the sun seemed interminable.

For many years of marathon training, my "rule" for runs at about 17 miles or more is to get through it the first time, to improve it the second time, and to own it the third time. 

Since it was my first 20 of the season (actually, I think my first 20 since the marathon in Houston in January?), I should be happy just to have it done. 

But yow, my pace was depressing.  I think a lot of it can be blamed on the weather.  We've had a fairly mild summer this year, and frequently the temp when I've started running has been in the 70s.  So having it be over 80 was kind of a shock to my system. 

Instead of remembering the pace, I'm going to try to see it as just a check mark on the training log.

First 20 miler:  check.

I'm heading to New Mexico in a couple hours, and looking at the overnight forecast, I see 69 degrees from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.  I've decided to ignore the lightning bolt and isolated storms that are also in those hours, and instead, I'm going to look forward to a lovely cool run.  Too bad I couldn't do my 20 there! 


  1. Somehow I ALWAYS wind up doing a 20 miler in the rain. Mother nature is a mean old woman!

  2. YAY! Congratulations! You are amazing. I definitely couldn't have done a 20 in this heat!

  3. 20 miles at over 80 degrees! I cannot imagine. Congrats!

  4. Yeah, I don't know what type of idiot goes out for such a long run in this kind of heat (of wait, I did almost 19 miles with starting temp at 82F on Sunday :) )

    Good job getting it done - and like you say, sometimes you just need that check mark!

  5. so, i noticed that you list my blog in your "blogs i enjoy reading" list...i just wanted to let you know that i changed the name and URL to i have tried to set URL forwarding, but for whatever reason it hasn't taken effect yet, so if people click on the link it's not currently redirecting them to the new address. and i want to say a HUGE thank you for placing me in your list...means a lot to me :) have a great labor day weekend!!!!

  6. Thankfully, I’ll be doing my 20 mile training runs in late October and in November, so I’ll have cooler weather than you’ve had for your training runs. I, too, get up between 5:30 and 6:00 to do my runs in order to beat the heat here in Texas.