Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Officially India

One big accomplishment on Saturday was the purchase of more plane tickets.  Before, we had bought tickets from Dallas to Kathmandu, and from Mumbai to Dubai, and from Dubai to Dallas.  But we were still sorting out the Kathmandu to Mumbai plan. 

Finally, after a ton of research and planning, and multiple internet issues, including once moments after hitting purchase (ugh), we bought tickets from Kathmandu to New Delhi.

And the coolest part is that we are flying to New Delhi the day before my husband's birthday.  So I think the plan will be to take a train that afternoon/evening from New Delhi to Agra, and then, my predicted highlight of the trip:

We will wake up way before the crack of dawn in Agra and watch the sun rise at the Taj Mahal.

Eeee!  So excited!  We will definitely be going to India.  And now we have plane tickets to prove it! 

Sunrise in Delhi tomorrow is at 5:53 a.m., per my iphone, so maybe it will be about 6:15 by mid-October?  Either way, if we sleep past 4, it will be better than I expected.  And I think, since it's his birthday, the Taj may be the only thing on our agenda that day.  Maybe the Agra Fort, but ample time for coffee, napping, and mostly people-watching, all his favorite things on vacation.  He would be content every where we go to find a coffee shop, watch people all morning, have lunch, a short nap, and then aimlessly wander the streets for the afternoon.  I'm much more the opposite -- I'd like to have a list of the three coolest things to see in that city, and a time-table for how long at each and what order is most efficient, and I'd go, go, go, with a quick stop for street food eaten on the move for lunch.  In general, I feel like we're able to merge our styles fairly well, but for his birthday, I'll make an extra effort to make sure it's exactly his kind of day. 


  1. Yay ... and based on today's 'run pictures' ... totally excited for your post vacation shots. No pressure, though :)

  2. I noticed you always comment on Twenty Six Point Two and decided to check it out - so, I'm commencing back-reading. Just ignore me if I start commenting on 7-month old posts.

  3. I’m so excited for you!!! It’s always great when you can make the reservations you’ll need and purchase any plane tickets or other extras that really cement that you’re doing this. I bought plane tickets last month so that I can attend my brother’s wedding next month (it’s a surprise, he doesn’t know I am coming!! They’re in Oregon). Then, a couple weeks ago I made my rental car reservation for the trip. Also, you know I’m running the Dallas Marathon this year. Well, I made my hotel reservation for that trip yesterday! YAY! I picked the Courtyard Marriott because I stayed in one when I did my half marathon in Oregon back in June and really liked it. And, it’s only 2 miles from the start…I’m hoping to talk the hotel shuttle into dropping me off near the start.

  4. Oh how exciting! It becomes so much more real once the plane tickets are purchased. I look forward to hearing all about this amazing journey. They are all places I would love to visit one day.