Monday, May 5, 2014

Yoga Plan

I just saw this link and it's my new dream:

I absolutely love partner/couple workouts in general.  It started in 2005 when I ran the NYC marathon and I saw a couple running while holding hands.  They had something cute on their shirts about how if they could make it through this, they could make it through anything.

And thus was born my dream of running a marathon holding hands.

Unfortunately, my husband has zero (maybe even negative) desire to run a full (he's done about 5 half marathons so far). 

For the record, I may make my third serious play at getting him to do a full with me in the next month or so (glad he doesn't read this blog).  I started raising the idea pretty much as soon as we started dating, but never really pressed it.  The first time I seriously tried to convince him was immediately after his first half, because it struck me as the next logical step.  No go.  The second time I seriously tried to convince him was in 2008 when I decided I'd run the Marine Corps Marathon (and my husband was/is a Marine (never know how to say that, he's not in the Marines now, but there's this whole "once a Marine, always a Marine" thing)).  No go. 

And now, I may push for Miami in January solely because one of my best friends and her husband (my former boss, and one of my husband's best friends) are doing it.  And it's going to be her husband's first (and last he says) full, doing in honor of his 50th birthday (it's funny that she and I both married guys older than us).  So maybe I can convince him this time.

But anyway, aside from the "holding hands marathon dream", I like working out together in general.  We have been doing boot camp together since 2007.  We were first invited to a free weekend bootcamp in 2006 by my local bestie, and we loved it -- but it was a women's only camp aside from the occasional open weekend sessions.  But the instructor recommended a co-ed boot camp where he worked out himself.  And the rest was history. 

Sometimes we shouldn't partner up at boot camp, because of different ability levels, but we usually do anyway.  Sometimes it works out well -- if we have to do 100 push-ups and 100 situps between the two of us, he can do 70 push-ups (and I'll do 30), and I can do 70 sit-ups (and he can do 30).  But then there are exercises like the one we call "the divorcer" (basically walking pushups face-to-face with a clap in between).  But generally, it makes us stronger.

As for yoga, he's tried Bikram with me exactly twice.  The first time he thought was kind of okay (or so he said), but by the second time, he said he hated it.  When I started my 30 day challenge in April and he was complaining about not getting to spend much time together, I tried to convince him to join me.  No go.  He sang me the line from Meatloaf -- "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that." 

In talking about it, it seems what he really hates is the 105 degree temperature of Bikram.  He also doesn't love it because he's not super-flexible, but obviously, that's the point!  He also doesn't like it because he has limited mobility in his neck thanks to a joint fusion and a plate that were put in before I knew him. 

So as I try to figure out what my personal yoga future looks like, I think I'm going to attempt yoga at home for a month or two (collossal failure last time I said I'd do that), and then I'm going back to Bikram but will attempt moderation.  But when I'm doing yoga at home, maybe these few partner yoga poses can be added (and maybe I can find more) and maybe we can do them together -- that would be an incentive to me.  The butt-to-butt one just looks so funny.  I can imagine laughing with him while we try to do it. 

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  1. Butt-to-butt? That just sounds funny! Hopefully you can talk him into running a full with you. He shouldn’t knock it and should at least try it once.