Monday, May 19, 2014

Contented sigh

So this weekend's mission was to find the Jawbone UP (fitness track type bracelet) that I lost last Sunday in cleaning the garage. 

After the bracelet was lost, I played around with the app on my phone and found out that it has a tracker.  That's somewhat interesting -- it basically means I can always be tracked.  I suppose that's the case anyway, since except when I'm running in the morning, I'm usually with my cell phone, which can obviously be tracked as well.  But the Jawbone really is always on my wrist.  It can only be tracked from my phone, but I'm sure someone at Jawbone HQ could somehow find me if they wanted to.  Or find my body if the bracelet were on me and I were dead. 

I guess it doesn't really bother me.  My husband and I have each other's passwords for "find my phone" to track each other.  When I was regularly running to and from work, it was nice to know that if I got hit by a car and ended up in a ditch, not getting home when I was expected, he'd be able to see where I was.  I occasionally track him on the weekend when he's gotten off work and is on his way home (my never-ending attempt to have a hot dinner on the table exactly when he walks in the door on Sundays, when I usually attempt a meal from scratch).  And of course we track when a phone is missing, but neither of us have ever had a phone stolen (knocking on wood).  I left mine in a bookstore once on a shelf, tracked it, went back to the store and it was still on the shelf where I'd been sitting on the floor looking at books in the section. 

Anyway, I guess being trackable in general and being trackable by your spouse at pretty much all times could be a whole separate post. 

But my point today was about my Jawbone search this weekend.  I'd decide the search had to happen on Saturday or Sunday because my Jawbone was fully charged last Sunday when I lost it, and the battery lasts ten days, so after that I wouldn't be able to track it.  The tracker was confirming it was in the house.

So after the 5k Saturday morning (bah, don't ask, positive splits, slowing about 10 seconds per mile each mile, finishind in an okay overall position but no AG award, which was a surprise since my time was okay, a couple minutes off a PR, but not horrible and the race wasn't huge, but it turns out that 3 women not taking overall awards were in my AG and all ahead of me! bah!), because my husband really wanted to take out the trash and I was mildly concerned it had come off in the kitchen (I was trying to peel roasted beets and was a little worried it had gotten caught in the kitchen trash somehow, or in the boxes of stuff I decided to pitch last week when cleaning the garage), I loaded a ton of trash (boxes and boxes) into my car and drove a few blocks away (just another paranthetical in an attempt to make this the longest sentence in the history of my blog).  Then I tracked my Jawbone from my car with trash boxes and bags, and the tracker indicated the Jawbone was still at home.  So we finally got rid of the trash, and I felt pretty safe that it wasn't in there, not entirely sure I could rely on the tracker.  Then I went grocery shopping with my husband (something we do together about twice a year because he hates it because he says I'm worse than a whiny five year old because I ask for so much junk food).  We came home to unload groceries, then I went to volunteer for a few hours and he went to work to catch up on some stuff.  So when I got home, I was solo on my mission to find the Jawbone.  

I don't know exactly how much a Jawbone costs, mine was a gift from my folks (my mama has one too, and one of my sisters in law, so we are all on a team and can encourage each other on sleep, steps, etc.).  But I'd guess about $100 to $150.  So not really bank-breaking and no reason I couldn't just buy another one.  But you know how sometimes you dig in your heels on principle?  Yeah, this was that.  I'd synched it around 1:00 last Sunday, spent about 5 more hours in the garage (I was looking for a contract that I knew was in a box, but then I just wanted to clean it all), I finished some laundry, and then started cooking dinner.  My husband came home from work and while we ate, before we went to mass, I realized it was gone.  Given that definite itinerary that was 100% in our house, and the tracker confirming it was in the house, and I knew I hadn't taken it off intentionally (but that it had slipped off), I knew it had to be somewhere I could find.  So I was just determined to find it in our house/garage instead of buying a new one. 

Since I'd already cleared the boxes of trash, the next step was to load storage boxes into my car and drive them around to see if I could narrow down whether it was in a box that we keep in this little space under our first floor stairs in our garage.  Don't get me started on the fact a lot of that stuff could probably be pitched -- lots of non-Christmas holiday decorations we pretty much never use since I don't decorate for anything other than Christmas, boxes of old cards, letters and mementos, empty boxes in case we ever move, boxes with form files from back when I was actually litigating cases, filing boxes with old account and tax statements.  For me, it's the constant trap of having no real need to pitch it since we're not short on space.  I suppose one day I'll get around to ditching or donating it, but that wasn't the point of either weekend's exercise. 

Well, as I was loading my car for the first non-trash trip, I found the Jawbone.  It was wedged between a duffle bag stuffed with other rarely-used luggage, and the wall.  Happy dance.  

I loaded the boxes and Christmas decorations back in and just felt so satisfied.  Ah.  Vindication?  Either way, happily back to tracking my sleep and my steps. 

Fun photos from the search: 

A showing of how empty the space got before I found the Jawbone (it was wedged by the duffle bag on the left of the photo):

Boxes and crap loaded into my car for a drive:

4 bins of Christmas decorations (and we don't even have a tree right now!  we donated ours last year and need to buy a new one).  Fortunately, I didn't have to unpack any of these:

And all loaded back into the space:

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