Thursday, May 8, 2014

Vacation planning commences

So it's official, as of today, we are clear to proceed for vacation for a few weeks in October!  I suppose I should technically put in a vacation request as well, but my work is never an issue -- husband's is much more finicky.  But his vacation is officially approved now, so no work and no on call for him.

That means it's time to start planning for real. 

We know we want to go to India, but we have to decide if we'll go anywhere else or not.  We did some research in February about where else we may go. 

And India is a big country with lots to see.  We only have the Taj Mahal on the agenda so far, but I'm sure the more we look, the more we'll want to see. 

Excited!  And this means I also need to start saving for plane tickets.  I haven't researched yet, but I'm guessing they won't be cheap...

If only money could grow on trees just for me (well, and any of you, but not everyone because then it wouldn't have any value)...

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  1. i'm vacation planning too. nothing as grand as yours will be, but i'm taking a road trip (in my new car!!!) to oregon next month to see my family that i haven't seen in 5.5 years. it's going to be amazing! i really look forward to seeing your pictures after you get back!