Friday, May 23, 2014

Days of Doubles

This week featured three consecutive days of double workouts, and I'm quite proud of that.  It's hard to believe that this was routine for me most of last year, but I'm just so out of the groove now.  I'm guessing I've had morning and evening workouts less than ten times this year prior to this week (and that's counting the social runs before the big local St. Pat's race). 

Here's how this week unfolded: 

Monday night, I worked late.

Tuesday night, I went to our local track meet.  It's a series of 6 weeks long (I missed the first because I was in Pennsylvania) and is truly an all-comers meet.  There are kids who look to be about 2 "competing" in the 100 meter event.  There are guys in their 60s.  There are distance runners (at least a few), and there are sprinters.  I'd say the average participant age is about 16 -- lots of lots of people in the 10-13 crowd, which brings down the average.  I'm by far one of the suckiest runners out there.  I competed in the first heat of the 1500 meters and the 800 meters, and I was toward the back by far.  For example, for the 1500 meters, they sort you by mile time until they have a full heat.  So the first call was for mile times 5:30 and slower.  That would be me.  Not enough people though.  So then 5:15 and slower.  Still not enough.  Then 5:05 and slower, and we finally had enough people to form a heat.  Yikes!  But for whatever reason, it's something I really enjoy.  I like passing the 6 year old in lap 3 who went out too fast.  But more than anything, there's just some satisfaction in DOING it.  Running hard at night in the Texas heat on a track with strangers.  I also did the 100 meters (dead last in my heat by a long shot!), and the long jump (no fouls on my 3 attempts, but more than 10 inches shorter than most of my jumps last year). 

Wednesday night, I commuted home with my accounting buddy.  She had an amazing year last year and I honestly believe I contributed in some way.  She lost about 80 pounds (and she's short!) and she credits me with it -- obviously she did the work though.  But I did make exercise plans with her, push her not to quit, and nag her about drinking water (including making her chug entire glasses if she'd filled up when directed and it wasn't empty when I went to refill my own).  Well, she took most of the winter off from running.  It was exceedingly cold here, balmy for you northerners, but cold for us.  She stayed active though and actually did personal training sessions at her gym at least twice a week.  I'm proud of her, but as I push myself to get back to commuting on foot regularly, I want to have the accountability of knowing she's going to run me partway home at least once a week.  So I pushed myself to commute on foot Wednesday morning so we could head toward my house together after work (and then she u-turns and returns to the office and her car solo).  She kept me company for about 2.25 miles, which was great.  We did some walking when she needed it, but her level of progress is so far beyond where we started that it's amazing. 

Thursday night, last night, was the beer mile.  Again.  This will get it's own post, I promise, but the short version is ... 3-peat!  Absolutely thrilling! 


  1. The open track meets sound like fun. I threw shot put and discus in high school, during college summers I went to one or two open meets, enjoyed them but I was a a very non-athletic point in life so it faded away, would be interesting to see what kind of distance I could throw the shot put now.

    Can't wait to hear about your beer mile, the 3-peat teaser worked!

  2. I love the idea of joining a similar track meet with my son. It would be a fun way to stay active together. I'll have to check around my area.

    Congratulations to your coworker!! That is a wonderful accomplishment. Yes she did the work, but sometimes just knowing someone is cheering you on, encouraging you to do a little more and supporting you every step of the way can be just what some people need to stay on track.