Monday, May 12, 2014

Packing Up

Well, if it wasn't official before, it's official now.  Summer has begun in Dallas and it will only get worse for the next four or so months...

It's been warm and humid for the last few morning workouts and today, I came home from boot camp and it was seriously like I'd jumped in a pool of water.  My clothes were soaking wet. 

Supposedly it's going to cool down a bit this week, but I won't be here to see it. 

Setting off for a lovely trip to Philadelphia for work. 

Ironically, it actually looks like the highs and lows for the next several days will be warmer in Philly than in Dallas.

Lucky me! 

And as another bonus to not missing any warm weather with the trip, I also get to miss the first all-comers track meet of the season!


Sigh.  But maybe I can try to do something fun while I'm there I guess.  Trying to find a bright side, but just not seeing it.

Also making me pissy today -- I lost my Jawbone yesterday.  I undertook some major garage cleaning and I never left the house between when I synched it after my morning run and when I realized it was missing during dinner before we went to church, so I know it's somewhere in the house or garage.  So frustrating.  I hate losing things.  I think it just somehow came off, which has never happened before, and I've worn it pretty much daily since early September. 


  1. I hate losing stuff too. When you find it, why wasn't it in the spot it was supposed to be in (or the 20 spots I looked before the last one). When you never find it, what was different today than every other day since September that you didn't lose it? Drives me nuts.

    Do you ever proactively find something before you lose it? Every now and again, I'll catch myself putting something in a dumb place, and then I say in my head "found it" and go put it in the right spot. Its like finding it forward.

    1. 'Finding it forward' ... love that!

    2. This wasn't so much putting it down somewhere as it somehow came off when I was in the crawl space opening and rearranging boxes. It has to have fallen into a box because I swept the space out before putting everything back in. If only I knew which box...

  2. Ugh - I HATE losing things like that ... lost my Bluetooth headset last year at some point, no clue, don't use it a ton so I don't want to buy a new one, just annoying.

    Also I remember traveling to Kentucky last year and thinking it was going to be warmer - but most weeks it wasn't, so I didn't even get THAT. Then it transitioned to brutally hot ... so no fun there either. Oh well ...

    Enjoy the trip?

    1. Haha, yeah, given your temps, it makes sense you'd hope for something warmer. Well, I'm about to get very jealous of your weather.

  3. Bad luck! Between the terrible temps and losing the Jawbone, I can see why you'd be pissy. Poor thing.

  4. I hope you find your Jawbone. I really hate losing things and with electronics getting smaller and smaller it is so easy these days. Last week I got home from work only to realize I didn't have my work keys. This is a problem because they open the door to the unit and various other doors on the unit which could be dangerous if a patient obtains them. I was frantic. Fortunately a coworker found them behind the nurse's station, but only after a few new grey hairs sprouted from the stress!!

    Safe travels to Philly. I hope the weather is nice and not too hot. Goodbye winter, hello summer! I have a feeling spring is a thing of the past.