Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wasted Time

I'm feeling frustrated while using the free wifi in the Philadelphia airport. This trip was a complete waste of time, and because I'm here, I haven't seen my husband since Friday morning, and he is now en route to Italy.

I had to come for a settlement conference for work, but we busted -- no deal. Our numbers and the plaintiff's got closer together, but still so far apart it just wasn't going to happen. The midpoint of our numbers was way more than the case is worth for us, and he just doesn't get it. It was unlikely he'd come down to the midpoint, even if I were to have been willing to pay that, and there was just no way he'd come down to what I see as the upper end of our risk. So it was a colossal waste of time.

Oh well, it's what I get paid to do. I just would have felt better if it had gotten resolved. Now unless we can wrap this up with counsel negotiating directly, I'm going to have to come back out here for a trial. Ugh!

My legs are recovering pretty well. My quads scream in pain very briefly any time I stand up or sit down, but it's very brief and it's gone within a couple steps. I can even walk down stairs like a fairly normal person. My left Achilles is probably the most pain on my legs -- it's pretty tight if I flex or point my toe. Might try to ice it tonight when I finally get home to our empty house. My back is a disaster. Still bleeding some, but it seems to be diminishing, but it's a mess. I can't imagine this won't leave a scar. But that's all that's left of the marathon's marks on my body. Not too bad actually!

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