Thursday, March 22, 2012

T-3 and the weather woes

I think I seriously have the absolute worst luck when it comes to marathon day weather.  I ran Chicago in 2007, the year they cancelled the marathon a few hours after it started.  This past year, I ran the marathon in San Antonio -- average low that day, 51, and average high, 73.  But lucky me, I had a low of 60 and a high of 85.  I also ran New York and Marine Corps on "exceptionally warm" days, and one other San Antonio, and one Dallas White Rock.  It was fairly warm the year I ran St. George too.  I've had very few marathons with good weather.  Boston of course, which was near ideal, Tulsa, San Antonio once, White Rock once. 

So maybe since Boston was my last race and the weather was good, my bad weather streak has drawn to a close.  Right??


I just checked the weather for the marathon on Sunday -- current forecast is to hit a record high by 4 degrees. 

That means yet another marathon on a day where the high is 85. 

Dear lord. 

And unfortunately this marathon, even if I won it, would take well over 5 hours. 

And let's be honest, my running has improved a lot from where it was when I started, but I'm not out there winning marathons.  Realistically, I'm hoping it will take me less than 9 hours, but I have no expectations beyond that.

I'm trying to brace myself now for 9 hours of complete misery. 

I have to make myself think about the big picture here.  This race commemorates what happened in Bataan in April 1942.  Those men were starving, thirsty and sick as they were marched 60 miles that week -- they were frequently killed if they attempted to drink from the standing water found in ditches or if they attempted to carry a comrade who was struggling.  They had no choice, I do. 

9 hours with some of it at 85 degrees, all while carrying an extra 35-40 pounds and combatting dust in my eyes and sand in my shoes is really nothing. 

But oh how I wish the forecast said the high would be 55 and the day would be overcast... 

On this note, it's time to go refill my water bottle.  T-3 means the focus on hydration is underway!

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  1. I can't believe you're doing this. Wow. BUT, just think... afterwards, you'll really know that you can doing ANYTHING!!!!