Friday, March 23, 2012

T-2 is Travel Time

I love when I'm prepared for travel.  When I'm all packed and ready way in advance of time to leave for the aiport, and then when I get to the airport and am in no particular hurry.

Funny thing is, I haven't traveled since the beginning of the month and today is eerily reminiscent of that day...  I'm at home now, lollygagging, as I was then, car loaded, ready to head to the airport.

But a few weeks ago, I headed to the airport and then realized in the line for security that I had no photo ID.  Ugh.  It was particularly wonderful because that was my first time traveling with my boss, and I had to call his cell phone and advise him I was heading back home and there was a chance I wouldn't make it back in time for the flight.

But this time at least I know that won't go wrong.  I've probably checked five times. 

So anyway, leaving for the airport in about 15 minutes now.  Flying to El Paso, working on the plane.  Getting a rental car and driving to my hotel, which is in Las Cruces.  Finding a grocery store on the way so I can load up on staples for the hotel room and a case or so of water.  Then lunch in Las Cruces and a fun afternoon of working and going to the "expo" (not so much an expo with this race as it just bib pick-up, but they do screen a movie about the real death march, so that will be interesting). 

I'm getting really excited now, though getting a bit more nervous also, and still very peeved about the weather forecast (which has actually gotten worse since yesterday; they are now predicting we'll break the record by 5 degrees, getting up to 86; oh it will be toasty!). 

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