Thursday, October 24, 2013

Struggling with it all

Short post. 

Still alive.

Buried at work.

Went running and to boot camp for a whopping week after we came back from Europe, things felt like they were getting better.  Saw my paces begin to drop back into the "easy" run range (though it still didn't feel easy, at least I was sustaining it, which was more than I could say before). 

Rolled my left ankle yesterday at boot camp (height differential in a sidewalk that I was standing on to do high knees).  Ugh.  It's swollen and it hurts, but it seems somewhat better today and will hopefully be back to normal after another couple days. 

Cannot believe we are going out of town again on Tuesday.  Heading to San Fran for the first time as a couple (actually, I think hubby's first time ever, but I'm not sure).  We're going to stay until Sunday night.  Woot!

No idea how I will ever get caught up at work, even though I'm going to work from California. 

I feel like new lawsuits are coming in at an unprecedented rate. 

The day before I rolled my ankle, I'd just registered for a half marathon in California that I was dying to do on trails, but now of course I'm not certain I'll be able to run it. 

My work clothes are uncomfortably tight and I haven't lost any weight since we've been back, and I think I've actually gained.

The weight is going to get worse in Cali.  We have trips planned for wine tasting and to one of the (if not THE) best restaurants in the country. 

The house is a mess -- clutter, packing/unpacking, disorganized, leaking garbage disposal, clogged shower drain.  And a little star on the windshield of my car (hit by a rock kicked up by the vehicle in front of me on the highway) and it will certainly result in a huge crack any day now. 

Credit card is on fire.  I am adamantly opposed to carrying a balance, but between a couple thousand dollars spent in Europe, hubby's birthday present (purchased immediately before we left), and that upcoming Cali trip, yikes, I hope I find a money tree immediately.  And now the holidays are on the horizon! 

Fortunately, when we drop a cool G on dinner at that restaurant, we are going with my brother and his wife and we've decided the dinner will count as a mutual exchange of Christmas gifts.  But I still have a bunch of other brothers and family and I love picking out things to give friends and family...

But I know I can't really complain.  The ankle will heal.  Gaining weight (or inches) from trips to Europe and wine country is hardly worth complaining about.  I have a good job and will manage to pay my bills.  And eventually, I'll get counsel on all these new lawsuits and things will calm down (or things will stay crazy busy and some of my cases will be reassigned to someone else here to manage my workload). 

Big sigh.  More blog neglect definitely on the horizon!

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  1. I am living among lists right now only my crazy busy schedule has a 6 year old at the center of it. It's all good stuff though so I'm not complaining. I am struggling with a little weight gain as well, but unfortunately I don't have a European trip or wine tasting to blame. I've been in such a funk since the Montreal Marathon. I'll pull out of it soon.

    I'm with you on the blog neglect. I suppose if I made money off of it I would tend to it more, but it is often the first thing to fall to the wayside. I am reading a few blogs, but commenting isn't happening as much either.

    I hope things settle down soon. In the meantime I hope your ankle heals soon. The wine will make everything better!!