Sunday, October 6, 2013

China recap: Xi'an food lunch and dinner

A photo post of the Xi'an food scene.  Some of these are pictures of what we saw as we walked, others are of what we ate in Xi'an, other than breakfast. 

Food served in bowls lined with plastic so you could take it to go or so they wouldn't have to wash dishes: 

This was weird and gelatinous, not the potatoes that I expected: 

Very spicy mix of vegetables:

Mmm, tofu (a picture further down of how it was served): 

One of hubby's favorites: 

Didn't go in, but saw a McDonald's:

Grilled tofu, very good: 

Street views in Xi'an's Muslim Quarter:

And, as I said, saving the best for last.  I think I shared it before on the blog, but this woman made certainly the best thing I ate on the trip, and probably one of the best things I've had in my life.  Thankfully, after this much time in China, I was a bit more prepared for the spiciness. 

Her street-side food counter, where I pointed out the skewers I wanted: 
And here it is, in my hot little hands.  I so wish I'd had the room in my stomach to eat more than one.  Basically a sandwich made of various kinds of vegetables and a lot of spices served in fried bread:

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  1. the korean restaurant i like to go to in austin serves these potatoes with the bulgogi orders...they look exactly like that but are they're kind of like a dessert side dish