Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Taking a Ride Home

So after my muggy and unusually warm commute to work yesterday morning, I planned on running home, as usual.  I've gotten pretty serious about watching the weather, so I knew that yesterday's forecast was a warm and humid morning, storms coming in around 10 or 11, storms rolling out by 1 or 2.  I'm lucky if I leave work at 5:30, and that's only happened about twice ever.  Usually it's between 6 and 7, with a vast majority of nights it being 6:45 when I turn off my computer and head home. 

I was hoping to leave work early, around 5:30, and it actually seemed plausible.  Lunch time came and went with no rain or storms, but I just assumed maybe they'd gone south or north.  Hadn't even considered the possibility that at 7:30 a.m., the weather forecasters were still unable to make an educated guess at what would happen in the next 6 hours. 

This is what the sky looked like to the northwest at about 3:00:

This is what the sky looked like to the northeast at about 3:00:

See over the east how the sky is supposed to look?
Within half an hour or so, it was pouring.  So I called my husband and asked if he'd pick me up on his way home from work.  He ended up working a bit late and running an errand, so by the time he picked me up, it was after 7:00 and it had stopped raining, so really there was no reason I couldn't have run home.  But I took the ride, and thus, yet another week goes by where I don't do all 8 scheduled runs...  Oh well!  

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