Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I wonder how many more times I will drive home, open the garage door, see hubby's car and think "yeah!" before I remember it's just parked there and he's still gone. 

The loneliness is finally hitting me, which is odd, because I had dinner plans last night too with a friend to tell her about the marathon, so it's not like I've even spent much time home alone in the last week.  But I had to go to the grocery store after my run this morning, and that's something I never do.  He left me with a stocked fridge, but I was out of spinach and grapes, so things were getting critical. 

So apparently 10 days is about all I can handle.  At first it was kind of fun, making plans with all kinds of friends, staying up late, watching Lifetime, eating cereal for dinner if I wanted, but now I'm definitely ready for him to be home.  We've been talking every day, so I know he's having so much fun, but I'm ready. 

He texted me a picture yesterday from the town where we got married.  It's about 15 miles from where his family lives, so he went down there for the day and visited with people at the hotel where our reception was and we and our guests stayed. 

Unfortunately when he gets home this weekend, I'll be in Chi-town spending Easter with my bros before I have to work in Indy for hopefully just the first part of next week.  So hopefully just one more week apart...

Maybe I'll try to fly up to Chicago on Wed instead of my scheduled Thurs flight, it would be less time alone.  I know my brothers are planning some fun things.  And now that they're both married, I'm assuming their houses will be much less grubby than when they lived together! 

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  1. So sorry to hear that you're lonely! Fly back to Cville and visit all your old favorite places :-)