Monday, April 9, 2012

FMM: Trigger Foods

I've had the most fabulous and non-lonely weekend ever.  And now it's Monday, so that means that when I fly back home tonight or tomorrow, hubby will be back from Italy! 

I spent tons of time hanging out with my brothers.  I drank too much Friday night and spent most of the day Saturday feeling miserable and laying around.  Little did I know that was my brother's plan -- there were about a million sporting events he wanted to watch on tv -- golf, a couple baseball games, etc., and he was worried how he'd convince his sports-hating big sister to stay inside watching sports on a beautiful day.  Well, a hangover will do that!  But I was really happy he was happy.  And we did tons of fun stuff.  We went to watch UIC play baseball (thought I'd freeze).  We went up to his wife's parents' place Saturday night and then did church and brunch with them on Easter.  We went to see my other bro and more importantly of course, my nieces and nephew.  We hung out a couple nights with my baby bro (and with his wife on the nights she wasn't working).  It was all-around lovely! And now it's Monday, so on to Friend Making Monday! 

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Friend Makin’ Mondays: Trigger Foods

Are there foods in your life that always seem to trigger overeating? Yes.

If so, what are they?  About half the things my mom cooks, but other than that, mostly peas and Pringles.  Two foods that I need built-in portion control, or I will eat the whole bag/can. 
When are you most likely to give into strong cravings?  No particular time.  Fortunately I don't grocery shop so we basically never have Pringles at home.  And when I make peas, I'm usually forced to share with hubby, so that helps. 

Are you more likely to be triggered by salty foods or sugary foods?  Salty I think.
How do you get back on track after overeating?  I usually feel sick for a while, but drinking water and working out helps. 
Are there any foods that you allow yourself to eat without limits?  I'd say most foods -- there are very few things I'd want to eat non-stop.  I'm usually good at meals about just eating what is on my plate.

Do you notice a change in your emotions while eating trigger foods?  Mostly regret if I eat Pringles, probably mostly nostalgia if I eat peas -- my brothers used to secretly put their peas on my plate at dinner when we had them, so I'd end up eating 60% of the family pea portions.  In turn, they took all kinds of nasty foods off my plate!  On the rare occasion I let myself make and eat a whole big bag of frozen peas alone, I call my brothers a lot and tell them what I'm eating.  One of my bros STILL hates peas, which I don't get.  But peas aren't something I ever make and eat at work -- when I do, it's a single serving bag. 
Do you have a strategy to keep yourself from overeating trigger foods?  I don't grocery shop (delegated to husband) and I usually eat dinner with him.  Not shopping keeps me away from Pringles, not eating alone keeps me from eating all the peas I want. 

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions! Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments! Happy Monday!


  1. Hi there!! Stopping by from FMM! I could never delegate my boyfriend to do the grocery shopping. He would bring home all the sugary and salty junk food a grocery store has to offer. Or we would be eating out more than we already do.

    Congrats on your running! Maybe one day I will brave a marathon. ;)

  2. Candy. Candy. Candy. I just can't stop myself. Sometimes I think it's more the texture of food (like the crunch) rather than the taste (salty or sweet...although I'll take both together please!)

  3. I wish I had peas as a trigger food instead of, say Cadbury Mini Eggs, but I am totally with you on the whole, whatever size package is the serving size thing with a lot of triggers.

  4. Peas? Really? I can't imagine a veggie (albeit a starchy veggie) being a trigger :-)