Monday, April 16, 2012

FMM: Life as a Movie

I had an awesome weekend, very relaxing actually, since Friday was insanely hectic -- a day of working, house cleaning, and preparing for a dinner party of TEN!  Yikes!  Thankfully, it was casual so we used everyday plates and silverware, which made clean -up easier -- we have enough china for that but not enough sterling, so it was nice to be more casual and have it all match.  It was actually our rehearsal dinner third anniversary party, so we had the same meal we had at our rehearsal dinner (pizza and fries) with the same people who came to Italy and joined us at our rehearsal dinner (obviously not all of them, but almost all of them who live in Dallas).  We ordered a cake too, so it was a bit of a wedding anniversary celebration too.  So much fun!  But then Saturday, the house was still in order, so no usual cleaning, and we just tried to avoid all errands pretty much.  Sunday was a rainy local marathon.  I went out to cheer for friends in the rain and that kind of blew, but I think they were happy to see me.

Anyway, now it's Monday, and more exciting, it's Boston Marathon Day!  So so so so glad I ran it last year and didn't register again for this year.  The weather isn't going to be pretty for my many friends running today.  But here's the usual Monday post. 

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If life were a movie, which one would you want to live in?  Hmm... I tend to like a lot of unhappy movies, especially WWII movies, so I can't really pick one of those.  Life is Beautiful would be fun if I only lived in the first minute or so. 

Other favorite and maybe more live-able movies?  Hmmm...

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso?  Not old enough yet that I want to look back on my life. 

Before Sunrise?  Made better by knowing there is a sequel, but still, I'd want more than a day. 

Jerry Maguire?  Possibly my favorite movie of all time, despite the fact that I hate sports, I love the message. 

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe?  Hmm, pretty cold in Narnia.

Dirty Dancing?  A summer fling that can't really go anywhere?  No, I'd want more than that. 

So maybe I should go with something that's not a favorite movie, but seems like more fun to actually live -- that would mean I should go with either a princess movie or a running movie.

Princess Diaries?  If only I liked Anne Hathaway more. And besides, they made her seem pretty awkward and unhappy before she became a princess, and that would be tougher than my relatively mild childhood. 

Pretty Woman?  Mmm, she's still a hooker for a lot of the movie.

One of the movies about Pre?  No, even if I weren't him, I wouldn't want to be close to him and lose him.

Running the Sahara?  Man, that's awesome, but wow, that's a lot of stuff to worry about.  Especially the Libya thing. 

I guess I have to go with the classic... Chariots of Fire.

Chariots of Fire

Running, performing, conquering, and keeping it all in perspective, having a life...


  1. Life is Beautiful was such a poignant movie. I love the other ones that you mentioned, too. Did you ever see Il Postino? I'm not sure why that popped to mind, but I would love to live in that Italian coastal village for a time, although maybe not for the rest of my life because it is sort of provincial.

    Chariots of Fire seems like the ideal choice for you. :)

    1. Ooh, I didn't even think of Il Postino! That could have been a fun choice!

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  3. LOL I'm reading these and laughing because I had a similar train of thought on my own post for FMM, though with different movies.