Sunday, April 22, 2012

It is Official

I'm a certified running coach! I took the class a couple months ago, but after that I had to take the test and get my first aid certification (I already had CPR). And then there was processing time, plus the fact that we check our mail rarely and actually open what we get even more rarely.

Woot! Years ago, I would have wondered about what I could do with this (I wanted out of the practice of law that much!), but now it's just nice to have.

I coach runners through a great local running store, so it's nice to feel like I really know what I'm talking about, instead of just basing something on my opinion after 100 road races, 15 marathons, nearly a decade of running, whatever. Lawyers like proof and I guess this is proof that I kind of know my $hit!

Sorry if the pic is sideways. Don't know much about blogging from my phone. If only I could get certified in that...