Friday, September 16, 2011

Gym Clothes

I think I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but on the Friday before Labor Day, I've started working from home on Fridays.  Last week was a little chaotic b/c I was out of town for my future sister-in-law's bachelorette party, but since they were out of the room all day Friday, I managed to get a full day in anyway.  Today I've been at home, it's now 3:22 and I'll keep checking my email for a couple hours, as well as watching my phone log, but I'm already done for the day.

The cool thing is -- I started working basically less than 45 minutes after I got home from boot camp this morning.  No shower, no getting dressed, no packing lunch, no eating breakfast while watching the news and reading blogs.  Instead I came home, made breakfast and turned on the computer to get to work. 

Hubby is off on Fridays, so he sat in the other part of the living room doing some Italian lessons, and I sat here quietly working.  I got a few bonus kisses on my head and occasionally we'd say something to each other, but for the most part, it was a quiet and productive day.  I made lunch but worked as I ate, and I already have everything done!  I love it! 

At my two law firm jobs, I would bring work home frequently with no success.  It was usually stuff I wanted to get done at night or on the weekend, and sometimes my briefcase wouldn't even make it from the car into the house.  It just never worked.  I think in 10 years of practice, I maybe billed 10 non-phone call hours from home.  I would just get distracted or was too burnt out to try. 

It's very different to be home on a weekday and not going into the office.  I'm surprised at how well it's working.  I was worried I'd be doing laundry, or like the Friday before Labor Day, get consumed with a million things at home that needed to be done (that week, we were having a dinner party on Friday night -- chaos).  Today I basically got up from my work station once to brush my teeth after I finally said it was my last cup of espresso, a couple times related to food -- one snack, making lunch, putting dishes in sink, once to unload the dishwasher with hubby, and then a few trips for water or the restroom.  Insanely efficient! 

Today I would consider a complete success!  There was one thing I probably would have gone to the VP's office to discuss if I'd been in the office, but it's not urgent and could have been done by phone, but instead, I'll just wait until Monday to do it.  And I have a small email folder of things that have to be printed for the files on Monday, but that will just take a few minutes.  Score! 

I love that we can sit down and watch a movie now.  Ah, 3:30 Fridays, I was worried you were a thing of the past! 

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