Friday, May 8, 2015

Victory All Around

Happy V-E Day!  What a great day to be in DC to celebrate 70 years from the end of the war in Europe! 

It seems like just last month we were celebrating the 70th anniversary of D-Day.  Of course, that was actually last June, and it's amazing to think about what ensued between D-Day and V-E Day 70 years ago.  So many lives lost, so many lives changed, the course of the world shaped, one front at a time. 

I was awake and working long before the crack of dawn today because I want to get down to the Mall today to be at the WWII Memorial for the fly-over.  At lunch time, a whole bunch of WWII planes including the only remaining flying B-29 will fly over the Mall.  So exciting.  I imagine a fair number of veterans will be there as well, so I hope to be able to spend some time telling those guys how much their service means to me. 

And fortunately, I'll get to see it!  My eye is getting better!  I woke up on Thursday and the pain scale was at about 2.5.  It still looked awful, so red and bleary, but it felt okay unless I was looking right at the sun, which actually kind of hurts even when both my eyes are okay!  By last night it looked substantially better.

Today, still a little red, but no pain!  Yeah!  Allergies?  Scratch on my cornea?  Not sure, but so glad it's resolving -- and so glad I had packed my glasses.  Now it's a vanity question.  Reunion cocktail party is tonight, then the big dinner with dancing afterward is tomorrow night.  Do I risk contacts for either or both events?  If I do, I'll absolutely have my contact case with me so I can take them out right away if it hurts. 


  1. We attended a talk at the WWII museum last night for VE day, but it would be great to be in DC for that!

  2. Good luck at the reunion dinner - hope it's lots of fun!

  3. I hope your eye is all healed by now. I'm glad it was feeling better for the reunion dinner. Awesome time to be in D.C.