Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Puzzulus Interruptus

Going out of town and walking away (again) from this was tough.

Here's the current status:

Those two missing pieces on the bottom are killing me!  There's one piece on the table that really seems like it should fit in one of those two spaces, but it doesn't.
Thankfully there should be enough fun in San Fran to make me not miss my dear puzzle too much!  Heading there shortly. 


  1. I always think it is funny with a puzzle how many times we'll try to put a piece where it simply *must* go :) I just love that puzzle!

    Enjoy San Fran! Too long since I have been out there (my former life in Semiconductors had me in the area at least once or twice a year!).

  2. hopefully when you come back from your trip you can look at the puzzle with fresh eyes and figure it out :)