Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bleary Eyed

Operation Ten Semi-Vacation Days in May is underway!

I woke up this morning in DC at a friend's condo.  She goes to work early.  And I mean EARLY.  She gets in at 6:15!  Not crazy.  But she has a desk job, so I find it very crazy.  She could work 9-5.  Instead she works 6:15 to 5.  Haha.  Guess not all government jobs are 8 or 9 hours a day. 

But I woke up bleary eyed. 

My contacts were bothering me a lot mid-April.  So I switched to a new pair, it was time anyway.  But then the new pair hurt almost immediately in my left eye.

Went to the eye doctor Saturday (weird story, I actually walked to the eye doctor and met a woman who lives near me and walked and talked with her the whole way; very bizarre because it's a pretty long walk, and no one really walks in Dallas, and we only started talking when some jack@ss nearly hit her).

He said my eye was okay and ordered a new brand of lenses for me.

Wore the contacts Saturday, no issues.

Ran a half marathon Sunday that felt hot and sunny.  (Weird story, the guy who I think is the most popular runner in Dallas introduced me to someone he'd just met, who was super-interesting and I spent a lot of time talking to, she was in town for the race because her husband is on a project in Dallas so she visited for the week from ... Grand Cayman!)  (Very weird because I feel like I never meet strangers, but two over the weekend!)  I think the temp was only in the low 70s, but it was oppressively sunny with no shade.  While waiting around for my AG award (very small race), I thought I got bit by something.  I was itchy all over.  Arms, legs, face.  I felt like my lips were swelling a little but it was no big deal.  I have tons of food allergies and if it just makes me itch or swell on the outside, it's fine -- the problem is when my throat swells on the inside, which is just a few foods that I'm well aware of.  I got home and my eyes were swelling a little.  Took out my contacts right away.

Wore the contacts Monday, no issues.

Wore the contacts yesterday, and by about noon, I could see my left eye was pretty red.  I took out my contacts again.  I left for the airport early and got in to see the eye doctor on my way.  He checked it again and confirmed all the blood vessels had broken, but there was no apparent issue. 

Well, last night I could barely sleep because it hurt so much.  Tears from the eye were running down my face. 

Today it's red and watery still.  Hurts.  Not sure what to do.  Keep waiting to let it get better?  Urgent care?  ER?  Find an eye doctor here?  Ugh. 

Did I mention it's my law school reunion this weekend and I'm going to see a bunch of people I haven't seen in 5 or 15 years?  Double ugh...

I think I'm going to give it today and see if it gets better on its own. 

Happy to be in DC though!  Going to lunch with my college mentor today. 


  1. Something similar happened to me after exposure to an unknown allergen. It was uveitis, and had to be treated with antiinflammatories. I never found out the source of the irritant, but I know that it's at my inlaws house in Mississippi - it has happened twice there!

  2. I wonder what caused the flare up at the race. I think the fact that your eye is painful might be reason enough to go to urgent care. For now maybe putting a cool compress and taking some ibuprofen to ease the symptoms. Although it's not sinus or allergy related you are on the east coast now and I don't know what it's like in DC, but up here the pollen is terrible so maybe an antihistamine at bedtime. I hope you feel better.

    Congratulations on the AG award!

  3. Well ... happy you are in a fun place and hopefully get to see some friends - but that is awful dealing with the eye issue! I agree with Gracie that it is likely something allergy related ... I hope it works out (or has already!).

    I'm lucky to not have glasses, but my wife had issues with contacts due to her complex vision issues, and eventually gave up trying and just stuck with glasses. Wish *one* of my kids got my vision rather than hers! :)

  4. Do you have glasses you could wear for a while instead of contacts? It could just be a reaction to your new brand? I had to smile that winning an AG award at a half marathon got only a slight mention in this. Congrats!