Friday, April 10, 2015

Strike That

All that stuff I said about being nervous about going to trial for the first time ever next week? 

Strike that!

The beauty of litigation...

Just found out that the final pretrial took forever yesterday.  The parties were ordered to mediation, and a new trial setting was issued at the end of June.  So no trip to So Ill is in my immediate future!

Bummed I won't get to visit with my aunt and uncle, but so, so happy to be staying home!  Especially since our wedding anniversary is next weekend, so we're having our annual rehearsal dinner anniversary party (where we invite everyone local who was with us in Italy for the actual rehearsal dinner).  It was going to be a very inconvenient week to be gone. 

And with mediation, there's a higher likelihood that next trial setting will not proceed.  Woot. 


  1. Awesome news! Loved the 'So Ill' play on words in the last post ... good news and quite a relief!

    And happy anniversary in advance :)

  2. I'm so glad you'll be home for your anniversary!

  3. Was just coming over to wish you luck on Monday and then saw this post. Great news!!!

  4. I'm really relieved that you aren't going to trial just yet after reading the previous post. Sounds extremely stressful! Now you can relax and enjoy your anniversary celebration. Oh and I was having similar date mix up dreams only about my dental surgery. I woke up on Monday in a state of panic. I couldn't find the appointment in my iCal anywhere which is strange because I always put it in there when I'm at the dentist office. I dreamt that the appointment was Monday, but I knew I had kept my calendar clear on Friday because that was the actual date. I finally found the card that confirmed the appointment, but I also called just to be sure.