Monday, April 6, 2015

Amusing Memory

I have gotten into the habit lately of having the TV on during days I work from home, for at least part of the day.  Usually my work from home days consist of status checks on my cases.  I try to do substantive work during the week, and save some of the busy work for Fridays when I'm working from home.  It's so much faster to do status checks when I'm not in the office for some reason.  Fewer distractions?  For whatever reason, Friday mornings tend to be quiet on the email front, and so it's a good time to do the checks.  I can send out a bunch of inquiries and then the responses roll in Friday afternoons and into the next week.  When I'm reading responses, I usually have to turn off the TV.  I sometimes wonder if I have ADHD or something -- it's so hard for me to have distractions on anything substantive.  I need quiet or if it's remotely complex, I read the same line over and over.

Anyway, last week (? the week before? I wrote out the description when I watched, but not sure when) one day I worked from home and I put on a Lifetime movie I'd recorded.  I've found Law & Order and Lifetime movies tend to be easy things to put on in the background -- amusing, mildly interesting, but if I miss 5-10 minutes, no big deal. 

The one I was watching was called The Face on the Milk Carton, a 1995 movie with Kellie Martin, Jill Clayburgh, and Edward Herrmann.  The description: 

"A teenage girl searches for the truth after discovering she has been separated from her original family for 13 years."

I must have repressed the memory, but all of a sudden a childhood memory came rushing back.  I was on a campaign for a long time, possibly over a year, I couldn't say for sure, to convince my next youngest brother he was adopted.  I claimed I even remember our parents trying to decide if they reallly wanted him or if they wanted another girl instead. 

Hahaha.  Older siblings can be so awful!  Or maybe it's just me... 

I was trying to convince him he should try to find his real parents and go live with them. 


  1. HAHAHA!!!! This is hilarious!

    I can't have the TV on at all when I'm working from home. I don't even like watching TV but somehow can't look away when it's on!

  2. Oh, we did this all the time to two of my brothers. We are all pretty average dark brunette types, but one brother is blonde (no blondes in our family anywhere) and one is very dark, with thick black hair, black eyes, and olive complexion - clearly got all of the Armenian genes (we are half-Armenian). Neither one looks related to the rest of us, and no one believes them to be blood-brothers! We, mean kids that we are, very nearly convinced them both that they were adopted.

  3. is it sad that I immediately knew that movie you referred to? My wife and I know our way around a bad Lifetime movie ... haha always great to see when actors turn up on those movies. Means they've made it ... to the 'jeez I need a job' list! :)

  4. I have seen that movie! I couldn't pull that kind of prank on my sister because she looks exactly like our dad's family. She could have done it to me. Yay I can finally comment on your blog again!!