Friday, March 27, 2015

Run, run, run at Mardi Gras

I mentioned before that at Mardi Gras (in Mobile) this year, the Friday night parade theme was Run, Run, Run!  I should have taken more pictures.

Anyway, since I write enough about running, I figured I'd share some photos from the Crewe of Columbus parade this year. 

One of the early floats, before we knew what the theme was:

A blurry picture of the theme sign, Run, Run, Run! 

Crewe of Columbus float

Somehow we're already on float 11 by now it appears, but that float was Run of Luck.

Run of Luck float:

Even blurrier, but I think it's Run for the the Roses:

The Beer Run sign/float:

Home run float sign:

Running of the bulls was another float theme:

Runaway train was one of the last ones:

And a pciture of the train float coming:

Side of the train:
I missed the sign, but this was the Azalea 10k Trail Run float, which was my favorite.  I guess it's a local race so it would be in my mind, the most obvious float for this theme:

And the Crewe of Columbus parade won my award for 2015 Weirdest Catch of the Year.  I caught this t-shirt, which I thought was hilarious:

Here's a detail of the back.  Yes, apparently someone on the float on Feb. 13, 2015, was using t-shirts from a Sept. 27, 2014 high school cross country meet as throws...

So bizarre.  Weirdest catch of the following night was a 4-pack of toilet paper, but the t-shirt wins out for being weirdest overall.


  1. TP and a T-shirt!! Love it. Pretty creative idea for a theme. I have to see a Mardi Gras parade someday.