Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Baby pictures

I can't help it, have to share some newest nephew photos.  I told my brother to sign me up for the "daily dozen" of baby photo texts.  The second day he was home from the hospital, I didn't get all 12, so I texted him at customer service to complain.  He said my approximate wait time was 18 years and there was 1 customer ahead of me.  I threatened to post a bad review on yelp, and I guess that did the trick!  My sweet brother and/or his wife are sending me at least 8 baby pics per day, often all 12 that I requested.

Sharing some highlights from his first week and change.  Trying not to pick too many...

According to my brother, the first few days involved TONS of screaming, and a complete day-night reversal...

Check out the little fists of rage:

A little yawn?

This was the first smile picture:

This might be the funniest:

Life is so hard that first week:

I love how curious he looks here:

I thought my husband would like the curious monkey hat:

Here's following his first bath (I guess they don't really get super dirty so it's okay to go a week before washing?):

And perhaps my fave:

The best news of all?  I'm going to get to meet him!  Hubby and I just booked 10 days of May trips!  Flying to DC on May 5, heading down to Charlottesville for my reunion, then flying back on Sunday of that week, then we'll have to hang out in Dallas for 10 days, then flying out to San Fran on a Wednesday and coming back on Memorial Day. 
Should be an awesome month, especially since I think I have a lot of work travel in April that will probably largely suck my will to live...


  1. What a cutie! I love when they are so interested in learning about everything around them.

  2. He's absolutely adorable. I took about 5000 pictures of Carlos in the first year. We basically did photo shoots throughout the day and I would send the photos to my mom, sister and aunt. I love the curiosity already in his eyes.