Monday, September 29, 2014


What a weekend!  It pains me to say this, but on the way home from boot camp, for just a minute, I considered stopping at Denny's for a monster-sized breakfast.  Don't they have something like an ultra grand slam I could modify to make vegetarian? 

Is it possible that:
a.) my stomach expanded after just 3 days?
b.) my body is expecting roughly 5 billion calories per day after just 3 days?
c.) tapering is making me want to eat all things?
d.) all of the above?

I am starving!  I got some free dietary advice from Megan this morning at boot camp while we were doing ab work toward the end of class.  I was complaining about already being hungry after eating my normal pre-boot camp breakfast.  She reminded me that eating normally might kind of feel like the first few days of a diet.  So basically it's going to be ugly.  I'm having breakfast now and I was tempted to supplement it with veggie breakfast sausage, which I do on heavy workout days -- but today wasn't a heavy workout day.  It was a day of taking it easy and slow at boot camp to move a little but not wear myself out.  So no extra breakfast sausage for me...

I'm going to try to be super-good about my eating this week anyway.  I am going to aim for fairly balanced meals, no sweets, and protein at every dinner this week (and hopefully real protein, not a frozen crutch like the veggie breakfast sausage).  Well, balanced at least until Thursday, then I will make an effort to increase carbs and decrease fiber and dairy for a few days. 

But this week is going to be doubly ugly because I have a feeling this is going to be a sad and lonely week. My husband will be here of course, and I'll be home the normal amount (maybe less, going to aim for extra yoga this week). But my folks are at the airport and the house feels empty now as I have breakfast.  You know how you just get used to having someone with you all the time?  My husband and I always joke about going through withdrawal when we have to go to work separately and be apart after vacation where we're together 23:45/7.  But now it's my folks that I miss.  It was so much fun being together.  I didn't sleep anywhere near enough and my feet and ankles are sore from more time on my feet this weekend than I've done in ages.  But totally worth it for a weekend that was just filled with good times together.  It just went far too quickly.  I feel like she should be sitting next to me now drinking her coffee and reading a book while I play on the computer.  When I got home from boot camp and walked past the guest room where they stayed it almost hurt my heart to see it empty.  Living away from family is so hard sometimes.  I have no desire to move away from Dallas but I wish they'd all move to Texas. 

Anyway, as promised I took pictures of all the horrible-for-me food that we ate yesterday at the Fair.  I need to pull them off my real camera to share tomorrow.  My husband may have put it best, I wish I could remember the exact wording.  Something to this effect:  The Texas State Fair is like Liberia, but it's the epicenter of the obesity epidemic instead of the ebola epidemic.  That was the most apt description for the people-watching at the Fair.  I'm very lucky that it's only once a year since sadly, I do like much of that artery-clogging stuff...


  1. Hmm...I thought I read somewhere that it was okay to eat a lot and gain weight during a taper so that you can build up your energy stores? Maybe I was daydreaming about that though, since it's not often you hear advice to eat a lot and gain weight, ha ha! Your husband's quote about the State Fair is hilarious. Over the weekend, I actually read my husband the fried food descriptions and sent your post to some of my friends. I don't think I'd like eating it, but I am fascinated by it!

  2. I think I'm still hungry from the Montreal Marathon a year ago. Your husband nailed it in his comment about the fair. I feel the same about our local fall fair. I do like how you navigate the food choices though. I think if I were just vegetarian I would probably indulge just a bit and try at least one or two things.

    Speaking of ebola, I'm curious to hear your perspective on the recent case diagnosed in Dallas. I'm drawn to news of the epidemic in West Africa. My heart breaks every time I receive a plea for medical help in the region. As a nurse and aid worker at heart I feel compelled to help, but as a mom I can't justify going there. I read your previous post about wanting to help in some way. I feel the same and if there is something concrete I can do from here I certainly will, but money isn't always the answer.

    I couldn't wait to see my husband after the trip to Australia this summer. It was the longest we've been apart in over 10 years. It sounds like you have a wonderful family.

    1. I can only imagine how hard it would be to get pleas for medical help. The Dallas case is crazy, local news is going nuts with constant coverage, repeating all the same info (which is very little). My husband I were joking that maybe they won't let us into Katmandu next week since they might consider Dallas an ebola hotspot. I'm hoping to try out the ebola mapping project this weekend. I'll let you know.

  3. I know how you feel about being away from your family. And I feel the same way about moving back home…it’s not going to happen, at least, not before I retire, I’m up in the air about where I want to live once I retire.