Friday, September 19, 2014


This is one of the crazy days every few years that we have people basically camping in our front yard.  Tents and all.  Yes, we live within 1.5 blocks of an Apple store, and we live the direction the line runs.

I ran home from work Tuesday night and the very first guy was there, all set up.

By Wednesday morning, when I ran to work, there were about 4, complete with a tent. 

And Wednesday morning, they were already making the sidewalk impassable.  I do most of my run to work on the streets, but there's one section of about .4 miles that is on a trail, one section of about .3 miles in a parking lot (I run along a big strip mall before getting to our office tower), and I run about .4 on the sidewalk right in our neighborhood. 

I skipped the running commute yesterday, the whole taper mileage cut thing, so I didn't really get to do a progress check. 

This morning, I drove to boot camp and it was crazy.  Yes, crazy at 5:15 a.m. 

Police directing traffic, no parking spots to be found, line down the block, people jaywalking -- thank goodness I'd heard voices as I was putting on my tennis shoes in our foyer, or I could have been in my usual pre-boot-camp haze and I probably would have mowed down four of them before I finished eating my granola bar. 

The news said there are over 300 people right now, and it's still just over 3 hours until the store opens. 

Crazy!  I want to get one (my iphone is old), but I'm waiting until after the vacation extravaganza. 


  1. I am thinking about one as well ... but not in a major rush, really - and glad that mayhem isn't an my front door! haha

  2. That's crazy! Today is also the day when my neighborhood craziness starts, since it's the start of Oktoberfest and I live around the corner from a brewery. That means lots of noisy drunk people and no parking spaces, but one year we saw a guy peeing on our neighbor's house on his way to his car. :(

    BTW, do you have an older post you could point me to about how you do your run commutes? I live less than 4 miles from my office and am wondering about how it works (do you bring our clothes & lunch the day before? Do you only do it on easy pace days?)

    1. Our local O'fest started this weekend too, but fortunately I'm removed from that craziness. Here's the first running commute post:
      It made me laugh to read about using the weight machines. That lasted less than a month! In 2013, I followed that 5 commute routine for the first 9 months of the year. Since then, I've slacked more, but same basics -- bring it all on Mondays, run when possible. When commuting, I wear an ifitness belt, so I carry my phone, a credit card, my office pass card, and a house key. Let me know if you have other questions! I love doing it. I frequently do it as junk miles, so even after a tough morning run with my friends, I'll have breakfast at home, then do a nice easy commute. I've run it hard a total of about 5-10 times, and I had over 120 commutes before my marathon last year, so it really is almost always easy miles.

    2. Thanks so much! I just read that post. Bringing lunches and clothes for the week on Mondays would be a big change for me, but even if I did it for one or two days of the week, it would at least get me started. I need to check out the shower situation at my office this week first. I have no idea who uses them and how clean they are.

    3. Early on, I brought a make-up bag to work. It has everything I use for make-up, hair, deodorant, lotion, etc. I also have flip flops and spare underwear in the bag (in case of a packing oversight). I keep black dress shoes at my desk (a couple times I've gotten a ride home from work and then had no dress shoes the next day). Leaving that bag at work is key for simplifying. Then I just pack clothes (including underwear, shoes, jewelry), and lunches (my commute is short and slow paced enough that I don't worry about fueling afterward). Our office gym has towel service, but I keep a spare towel in my desk just in case. I so hope it works for you to do it!