Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tour de Dallas

Last weekend, there was a race called Tour des Fleurs (tour of the flowers, beginning and ending at the arboretum).  This weekend, I'll be doing the Tour de Dallas (tour of Dallas, beginning and ending at home).

My folks have been to Dallas a few times together, and my mom has made a few solo visits too.  I'm trying to plan a trip that will highlight some new things, plus going to some old favorites.  Since they live in Northern Wisconsin on a lake, they pretty much never eat out.  The nearest restaurant is a place called Bauer's Dam, and it's more bar/lodge and thoroughly unremarkable.  My mom is an amazing cook and appreciates good food, so I expect we will eat out for pretty much every meal.

Tonight's dinner is up in the air.

Friday morning, boot camp.  Then breakfast at home, then they will go to the new George Bush Presidential Library while I work from home.  Lunch is going to be at Velvet Taco, then an afternoon of shopping.  I'm hoping to wrap up work a little early so I can do some shopping myself -- I need a few new tops for our trip, and ideally one pair of black pants that are super comfortable but also look okay to wear around.  Friday night is dinner at my favorite, a tapas place called Cafe Madrid.  My husband will be excited about that because my folks eat meat and are adventurous eaters.  So while he's usually limited to picking a single dish with dead animals and sharing a few veggie things with me, he'll have other people to share with.  After dinner, we're going for drinks at Abacus, which is a phenomenal restaurant by our house where I used to hang out at the bar regularly back in my single (and workaholic) days. 

Saturday morning I think we're doing a 3 mile urban adventure race as a team of four.  Then we'll come home and clean up, maybe have some breakfast, but pretty much head toward the new dowtown park, Klyde Warren.  From there, we'll go to the new Perot Museum.  If we get done early, we'll go to church (though this isn't set, they're Episcopalian, like me, so I don't know if they'll want to go to Catholic church with us, so we might skip completely).  Saturday night dinner will be at a new pizza place in the neighborhood -- so it will be fun that we walk to dinner two nights in a row.

Sunday morning, I have my last "long" run, and then we're all going to breakfast at my mom's favorite breakfast place in Dallas, Cafe Brazil, along with some of my running friends.  Then it's a big day at the State Fair of Texas (mmmm, fried butter...) with my best friend.  Not sure about Sunday dinner yet.  I was thinging about taking my mom to book club and leaving the guys to fend for themselves, but I think I've abandoned that plan.  Maybe we'll go out for Mexican in the neighborhood. 

Then Monday they leave :(

And I have a low mileage week! 

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  1. I love giving people tours of my city! Sounds like your mom will appreciate eating out, and your husband will have people to share dead animals with (ha ha!), so it all sounds awesome. Any way you could take & post a pic of the fried butter? I am so intrigued!