Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Autumn Welcome

It's official!  Fall has come to Dallas!  It's like clockwork, as soon as I'm tapering, we get that first really cool morning.  Depending on what your exact definition of tapering is, I'm either a week into it or yesterday was the first day. 

Either way, temp was 66 and humidity was 61% when I started my 6 miles this morning.


My evil running buddy tried to talk me into running extra, but I held firm, though it wasn't easy since it felt so good.  We're at a tough time now since his race is a few weeks later (oh, and he's doing a half Ironman, not just a running race). 

Eeee, I love this!  I love only having 6 miles in the morning!  I love feeling faster! 

Somehow I totally forgot my watch, which hasn't happened in ages.  He was wearing his, so it was one of those lovely days when I couldn't see our pace, but I'd ask at the mile splits and I was always pleasantly surprised.  Indeed, dropping 15 degrees and 15% humidity does make running significantly easier.  Such a good mental boost for me. 

My folks are officially making their way toward us now.  They went to Milwaukee Monday night and will spend a few days there visiting some of my brothers and their kids, and they come to Dallas tomorrow.  When I was talking to my mom on Sunday about what to pack, I was driving home from Chinese class and my car said it was 96 out.  Yuck.  And it felt like 96. 

It was funny because they had such a mild summer up north, so my mom was saying that this trip was going to mean they got some real summer.

But alas, a lovely cool front means they will go the whole year without real summer!  Haha, I say that, but our highs will still be mid-80s, which is pretty much as hot as it gets for them.   I need to work on their itinerary. 


  1. I do think I run faster in the cool weather, so I'm bummed that we are going to see temps in the 80s again for my race on Sunday.

  2. I LOVE the cooler temps!!! Between that and my running 5 days a week, around 35 miles a week, my average paces are “picking up the pace” (har har har). I’ve sliced like a minute and a half off my average pace time in the last 7 weeks.