Friday, July 12, 2013

The Hill Loop Heart Rate

As I mentioned, instead of going to boot camp on Fridays, I'm now doing a 10k hill loop with my friends on Friday mornings.  I still call it a hill loop even though it is really a mountain loop.  Well, it's definitely mountains for someone who lives in Dallas. 

Anyway, I was looking at my Garmin data from the hill loop this morning, and it was really funny to see how my heart rate almost exactly tracks the elevation profile:

Guess it's good to see that it really is as hard as I think it is!  My brother who lives in San Fran right now could probably run this course with me and his heart rate might just stay level since our mountains are probably more like speed bumps for him.  


  1. Haha! I always feel like I should understate the Dallas hills because we really don't have it that bad here, but heck, running speed bumps in 90+ degrees is freaking hard!

    Which hills do you run? In the DRC, Flag Pole Hill is our primary hill repeat spot, but I know there are a bunch of killer "speed bumps" around town. We have a house in our house hunt on Loving and all I can think about that house (without having seen it in person) is, boy, I sure would get my hill workout in... all from the one time I ran up that street several months ago. Loving has haunted me ever since!

  2. Yep, except I call it Mount Flagpole. And then when we do a Tues/Thurs hill run (through RunOn), it's Loving, Shook, Westshore and sometimes Winstead. Westshore is the toughest of that loop for me, but most my friends hate Loving more.

  3. You must be much more conditioned to running in the heat. I was up at 4am to get ready for my long run to try to beat the heat. It was already hot and muggy. It was a tough run.

    It's all relative though. I live in a rather hilly area so I do ok with hills. On my recent visit to Maine I couldn't wait to go for a run and enjoy new scenery. However, every which way I turned I was faced with monstrous hills. The ups and downs never gave way to a straight away. It was torture!