Monday, July 1, 2013

FMM: The Internet

Not much to report from the weekend -- I got sucked into a puzzle.  750 pieces featuring the Ponte di Rialto in Venezia.  Some running, some yoga, some cooking, some errands, fairly average weekend overall. 

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The Internet
1. Have you ever met anyone online before meeting them in person?  I suppose I have in terms of work.  There are people I work with all over the country that I've never met in person but I do on occasion when we have a mediation or something together.  One attorney I really like is in New Mexico and I've retained him for years, and never met him, but think I will in September.  It's always weird to put a face with a name (and email signature and sometimes a voice).  I sometimes joke with one of my colleagues in Jersey about what I think someone will look like who he knows and I'm about to meet.  I am sometimes SO wrong!!  But outside of the work context (which is probably what this question meant), no, I don't think I ever have. 

2. What is your opinion on social media’s impact on our society? Does it make life better or worse?  Tough question!  I think it's had a huge impact, both positive and negative.  Overall, I think it makes life better, which is an odd answer for me since I've basically gone off Facebook this year (and I was never into any of the other stuff).  I think it makes people less isolated in ways and it keeps you in touch with people more easily, particularly for someone like me who doesn't live in the same state as family and has friends from undergrad and law school all over the country.  But obviously, since I'm off it, I think there are plenty of negative aspects. 

3. Do you believe that it’s possible to fall in love with someone that you’ve never met in person?  No.  Strong connection, but I think there's more to falling in love that can't be done over the phone or a computer.  Physical attraction, chemistry, PDAs, etc., all that is part of love too.  But I actually think it's cool that people meet online and can figure out if they line up in non-physical ways first, which prevents the "you're hot and I want you" from taking over. 

4. Do you prefer to shop in stores or online?  Ugh.  Neither really.  Online for everything other than clothes or furniture or mattresses or groceries. 

5. What blogging platform do you use? (WordPress, Blogger, something else?)  Blogger.

6. Have you ever blogged for another site? Would you?  No.  I was supposed to do a guest post for a local running/beer drinking group, but I didn't get around to it. 

7. Do you use services like Netflix and Hulu? We have had Netflix for years and right now my husband is watching Fringe on it, so he's hooked, but in general we don't use it too often.  I don't really know what Hulu is (I'm getting so old!).  We DVR most stuff on tv that we want to watch. 

8. Would you prefer to get blog comments or to interact on twitter? Umm, blog comments since I'm not a Twitter person.

9. Do you prefer to read books or e-books?  Books, particularly since you can't have electronic devices on the plane during the -3/+8 window.  That's usually when I do most of my reading!  On planes, I tend to use my laptop and do work when we can have electronic devices on.  Plus, when I read at home, I like falling asleep with my book.  

10. Share at least one experience that you would not have had without being a blog author.  I feel like I've gotten a lot of feedback and suggestions related to running and life that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. 

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  1. I like these FMM posts! I need to remember not to do a different post on Monday so I can join in! I'll try to remember next week. ;) Awesome job on the puzzle, by the way!

  2. What a beautiful puzzle! I can't believe it only took you one weekend to put that together.

    I really liked your answers, especially for #3. And Carina, if you're old, I don't even want to TALK about what I am, so let's not go there. LOL.

  3. Number 3 - extremely well said. I agree.