Monday, July 29, 2013

FMM: 10 Things that Make Me Happy

My weekend was far busier than usual, and far busier than I like, but it was pretty much filled with fun stuff, so I can't really complain. 

Friday night we went to see Before Midnight.  I loved the first two movies, the first made in 1994 and the second in about 2003.  If there's a fourth, I hope it doesn't take another decade to make.  

Saturday was errands during the day (including some running-related purchases I'll have to share later this week, a haircut, and a mani-pedi), then our book club ten year party Saturday night.  That was a lot of fun.  Several women who'd moved away flew back and we all got to reminisce.   When book club started, most people were married without kids.  I was one of the few not married.  Almost all lawyers, but a few lawyer spouses.  Now, ten years later, most have kids, two are divorced, I and another single are married, and there have been tons of job changes.  One is now a GC, several in-house, almost none at the original two law firms where we all worked (or a couple husbands worked).  Amazing how much change has happened in all our lives in ten years.  We also spent lots of time looking back and laughing or groaning about some of the books we read. 

Sunday was a long run, 17 miles, which hurt a bit after so much food and drink the night before.  But I survived.  And I actually felt good enough when I finished to go out for one more mile, brining my total for the day to 18 miles.  Most my friends are doing later races than I am, so I figured one extra mile was a good idea.  The rest of the morning Sunday was mostly packing for our trip, doing laundry, getting organized for work.  We are flying to Pittsburgh Wed morning to see hubby's parents.  Last time we will see them before they move to the assisted living facility, so I wonder how it will be emotionally.  Then at about 1:00, I went to a running friend's house.  She was having a pool party for all the women in our group.  Our pace group is mostly guys, so it was nice -- events like that are especially good since women runners sometimes can be very competitive with each other.  This was fun but yikes, I felt very intimidated in a bikini around all of them.  And what's worse, most of them have had kids!  And they still have better abs than I do!  Haha, oh well. 

Sunday night was early to bed since I had to be awake extra early this morning.  I usually ride with a friend to go run on Tuesday mornings, but she can't make it this week, so I need to drive.  Since I'm only in the office Mon and Tues this week due to our trip, normally I'd drive to work Monday morning with all my stuff, run home, run to work Tues, and then drive home Tues night.  But that would leave me with no car to go meet my friends Tues morning.  So the compromise plan was that hubby would bring me to work after boot camp on his way to work.  But that meant I had to have all my stuff loaded up and ready to go before boot camp. AND we had to leave for boot camp extra early today since we had a friend joining us to check it out for her first time. 

So I was showered and at my desk by 7:30 today, which is kind of nice.  So I'm taking a Friend Making Monday work break! 

friend makin mondays

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Ten Things That Make Me Happy
1. Feeling like I am running strong.  When I struggle to finish a training run, it shapes my entire outlook, sometimes for days, I feel disappointed, discouraged and weak.  But when I have a run like Sunday, I feel like I'm walking on air, kicking ass, and generally unstoppable.  And fortunately that feeling lasts for days too!!!  In reality, I'm happy I'm healthy, running is a large part of that, but I'm also happy there's no cancer, no brain injury, no broken leg, whatever, to pull me down. 

2.  Anticipating our trip to Europe in September.  And knowing that our 2014 trip (current plan is Dubai, India and Nepal or Seychelles) is going to be just as exciting.  A book that I read last year said that a big element of what makes people happy is anticipating an event.  Well, that's certainly true for me and travel!

3.  Having lots of family and friend events on the horizon.  Going to PA to visit in the in-laws this week, having my brother come to visit in two weeks, going back to KC for my high school reunion in less than a month, and lots of stuff with friends at home before then!  The female half of our neighbor couple is back in Dallas so as soon as we get back from PA, I'm looking forward to lots of time with her, particularly working on a few projects around the house and chatting while we do them. 

4. The puzzle that I started working on this weekend and will get to finish when we get back from PA.  It's only 500 or 750 pieces but it will be tough -- a whole bunch of penguins!  It will hopefully take my mind off temps that will regularly be over 100 when we get back.

5.  My job!  I just unloaded about 15 cases, a couple of which I didn't like, on a new attorney, and this morning I sent my one and only report that was due, so I'm the most caught up I've been in months, if not years.  And I can't wait to do many of the tasks that are on my agenda today!  One of the single things that made the biggest difference in my happiness in the last 5 years was probably changing jobs to something that I love. 

6.  Having company for my running commute home tonight.  My buddy from accounting will join me for the first couple miles.  It means my pace will be slower, but that's great news for my legs, and great for more conversation.  It's fun to have someone to gossip with.

7.  A mild summer.  Running in Dallas in the summer is never much fun, but this summer is probably the mildest I've ever experienced here.  Some years by the start of August, we've had over a month of days at 100 or higher.  So far this year, we're at less than 10.  And I think I'm going to be enjoying even more amazing weather when we get to Pennsylvania on Wednesday -- that will feel so refreshing.  I hate winter running, having to decide how many layers to wear, feeling like I can't get warm, etc.  And running in extreme heat is no picnic either, but this summer is working out very well for me. 

8.  Our house.  We just had our carpets cleaned and with the upcoming trip, things feel very organized and clean.  I am not a super-organized person by nature, so having our house in this organized state makes me feel so good.  It is much more relaxing to be home (though having a puzzle in progress on the table makes it a little less relaxing!). 

9.  Is it bad to say The Bachelorette?  The season finale starts tonight I think (and I think it's two parts).  It's such terrible tv, but sometimes it's so much fun to watch.  I don't know where they are on tonight's episode, but it's someplace beachy that looks very pretty. 

10.  Of course my sweet husband.  He's been swamped with work and lately it's even occupying his mind a lot when he's not at work, primarily because he has a big project due in mid-August that is very separate from his day-to-day work.  But he's planning on taking a complete break from it starting on Wed. when we go to see his parents, and so even though I'll have to work while in PA, it will be nice to have more quality time together.  More walks holding hands, more sitting really close on the couch, more meals together, more stolen kisses when his parents aren't looking...

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  1. Great list! I love puzzles too, I just never think to pick any up at the store, but it's a great mind exercise!

    Sorry I had to cancel on you for our Aveda afternoon. :( I didn't end up getting home from house hunting until 5:30 PM!

  2. I love the joy in this list! Lots of great things coming up for you.

    How did you like Before Midnight? It's my least favorite of the 3 movies, but maybe that's because it was the most realistic/least romantic? I still enjoyed it, though.

  3. You are right about anticipation! I love the excitement leading up to a trip! My daughter just moved to Dallas from here, Kansas City, and is loving it there!