Wednesday, June 20, 2018


So on my most recent run in Philly, I ran on the trail along the river, which includes going past Boathouse Row.  Beautiful morning, especially compared to Dallas in June.  There's always a fair amount of foot traffic on this trail.  Tons of people out running and biking, and a few walkers too.  My favorite part about the trail is that it seems to go forever.  There's a sign saying Valley Forge is 17.9 miles away.  Just in case I want to run 35 miles on a weekday morning.  Always nice to have the option!

Anyway, at one point, while I was running north (on the "out" part of my run), two runners were coming at me going south.  A man and a woman.  I didn't even get a look really to assess anything beyond that.  Maybe both in their 30s?  Overall, unremarkable.

As they passed me, I heard a snippet of their conversation.  She said:

"We got a new coffee pot."

It made me chuckle inside.  I almost wanted to u-turn right then and cut my run short just so I could hear where that story was going.  Or was it a story?  Or was she just throwing out a random fact for discussion?  Or was it just a random fact her running partner noted along with many other facts? 

We got a new coffee pot, and we put the old one in the garbage bin by the curb and found a baby raccoon inside!  And we decided to bring the baby raccoon inside and keep it as a pet. 

We got a new coffee pot.  What kind do you have?  I can't recommend this one enough. 

We got a new coffee pot.  I think I'm going to go shopping for shoes this afternoon.  My dog's name is Rambo.  Libraries are too noisy these days. 

It's so amusing to think about all the random conversations or thoughts that happen on runs every day all over this world. 

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