Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Training stats

Losing my running commute this past spring has had a massive negative effect on my weekly mileage.  It's such a bummer.  Not enough that I'd go back to my old schedule and have to suffer through the reason my schedule changed, but a bummer nonetheless. 

I usually have the most success with a marathon when a vast majority of my training is at a weekly mileage of about 45 or higher, including a bunch of weeks over 50.  Historically, when I've had at least three weeks in a row at 55 or higher, something has started hurting, so that seems to be about my breaking point, and I'm usually rock solid going back and forth between 45 or 50 and something around 55.  But I can't tell if that pattern holds true because my mileage never got there this year. 

This is how it broke out (I'm cheating a little on my counting.  I usually do my long runs on Sunday, but on weeks I had to do a Saturday long run instead, I'm counting as if I did it on Sunday instead, so there aren't any artificially high mileage weeks that had two long runs):

Low 20s:  2 weeks (it rained and I totally skipped my long run the week before Memorial Day, plus this week of tapering)

Mid 30s (I'm saying about 33 to about 37.5):  3 weeks

About 40 miles:  4 weeks

Mid 40s (again, about 43 to 47.5):  4 weeks

50 miles:  1 week

Yow.  Usually writing out my training miles is a confidence booster for me, but not so much this year!  14 weeks of training, counting taper.  All my weeks in the mid-40s and higher were in July and August.  And no weeks over low 50s. 

Not a recipe for success! 

If I were still running to work, I'd be adding at least 7 miles to each week, usually more like 14 and occasionally 18.  That would have pumped those numbers up perfectly. 


  1. not to put it on me, but at least you have training stats. I have squat. but it is what it is. I burnt myself out and now I'm paying the price. i'll get back in the running saddle again and I hope it's sooner rather than later, truthfully, because I have a marathon in 3 months that I have not started training for! oops. I've decided my goal is to just finish within the time limit. don't care about my time this year. I'm thinking I'm going to step back from marathons for a while anyway. I love running them, I just don't love the pressure it puts on me to train.

    back to you, tho, I think you'll still do fantastic on your marathon. just because your training isn't where you'd rather it be right now doesn't mean you won't surprise yourself :)

    1. Yeah, I don't have the numbers I want, but it's something! If nothing else, 5-9 reasonable weeks. Finishing shouldn't be an issue.
      The awesome thing for you is that if you take a break from running for a while, it will still be there in months or years if you feel like doing it again. So many people start running at all different ages, and I really think life is too short to pressure yourself into something you don't enjoy!

  2. You've been running consistently pretty good mileage for so long that you may surprise yourself and do better than you think. Also, I know the reason for not doing your run commute has a name, and I can hear you saying it like Seinfeld says "Newman!"

    1. Haha, he does indeed have a name...

      And sadly, no, did not surprise myself at all! Solid 12 miles, then just tried to enjoy while I ran at a way-too-easy-for-race-day pace until the end.

  3. I wonder how the difference in training will play out. You are a seasoned marathoner and your body knows what to do out there. Sometimes changing things up yields better results. As Jennifer mentioned you might just surprise yourself. Good luck!!

    1. Well wishes appreciated. The downside is also that I know myself. Whether it was mental or physical, I gave up early, but I'll live to run another day!