Tuesday, August 8, 2017


I mentioned a few months ago that I ordered a new passport with extra pages, and I'm getting excited to start filling it up next month.  (By the way, I was worried that government issues could delay obtaining a new passport, but mine came in about the usual time (which I considered fairly quick).)  So the passport renewal step is crossed off my list of things to do.  Next up on that front is visas.  Filling up the pages.   

But it sounds like we'll only need one visa for our trip this year, and it's an electronic visa (for Azerbaijan).  And per the last paragraph of the photo below (in Notes), this electronic visa is not "sticked" in passport. 

Errors in English often make me laugh (pinesapple on a menu), but I always appreciate the effort.  Heck, I certainly don't speak Azeri!  But for some reason, an English error is particularly funny when it's in an official governmental document (even though of course, English is not the official language, it's just included as a courtesy for foreigners I guess).  So I have printed our Azeri visas and have not sticked them in our passports. 

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