Friday, August 11, 2017

Over the hump

So I breathed a little sigh of relief when I finished my run yesterday.

I finished up my last really long run and I was pretty sure there was a chance it would all fall apart the week after.  Two years ago, that was when it happened -- ran my 22 on Sunday, ran my 9 on Tuesday, and then two years ago, I was supposed to be running 5 in Philly, converted it to 6 (ish, probably more like 6.5) because the weather was so nice, stepped on the biggest rock that had no business in the road, and broke my ankle. 

It was kind of funny because Tuesday, I ended up running on two particularly crappy streets that I very rarely run.  Dallas has some serious funding issues right now, most of the press coverage relates to our police pension fund, but streets need repair, water mains are old, all kinds of stuff like that.  Anyway, while on the particularly crappy streets this week, I was certain that was going to be it for me.  I didn't have a light with me, and it was dark later than I realized.  I survived the 9 miles without tripping and having it all fall apart.

So then I thought it would be Wednesday.  I was just doing boot camp and for most of the running, I stayed with my friend Megan, who also wanted to take it easy that morning.  Survived again!

Yesterday was my last run of substance.  8 miles, with the last 2 slightly faster than MP.  Ran on the usual streets but that doesn't give me any immunity from falling.  I was frustrated because for some reason, my watch hadn't charged.  I got my first mile split and it died about a minute later.  My friends were calling me a data mooch since I (and they) became painfully aware of just how often I look at my watch during a run!  I kept asking where we were in the mile and how fast we were going.  I tried to minimize the number of questions, but in the last mile, I asked for the first time (thinking surely we were past .6) and we were at .45.  Asked again when I was sure we'd be right around the mile split, and we were only at .79.  Asked again thinking surely we'd hit the mile and my buddy just had neglected to tell me what the split was -- but we were only at .91.  Yow.  But it's done!

Hills this morning, but super easy pace and decent streets that I'm very familiar with.

Tomorrow is volunteering at a back to school festival with Megan (giving out backpacks and lunch!), and then a belated birthday celebration with a friend in the afternoon, probably just doing a puzzle together, or going to see a movie, then grabbing dinner. 

Sunday is my last "long" run -- 12 miles.  Then brunch with friends and nothing else all day.  I'm hopefully going to get some stuff done around the house, and ... if things go according to plan ... try to lay out most everything I need to pack for the race and trip. 

Then just a low-key mileage week.  It might actually work out, which will be two years in a row of getting to the marathon starting line injury-free!  I'm so pissed that 2015 broke my ten year streak before that...


  1. so happy to hear that you're [so far] going to make it the marathon unscathed! woohoo!

  2. Great job with your training! Yay for being injury free.

    I feel your pain with the watch. When hubs and I first started training, we only had one watch for the two of us. Not a big deal because we train together but I wasn't used to wearing watches at all so I made him wear it on long runs. I did the same thing! Especially the closer we got to the end...are we there yet?.....are we there yet? lol We have our own watches now so I can torture myself with a constant vigilance.