Monday, April 3, 2017

Useless list

Recently, I took a vacation day and stayed at home.  I literally don't think I have ever done that before.  Since we take one big trip per year, I usually use all my vacation for that, then finish off any extra days around the holidays.  But in 2016, I hit my five-year anniversary with the company, so my vacation increased by one week, but I didn't know exactly how that would work -- did I get one full week on my anniversary, or would it be a pro-rated part of the week, since I started the job mid-year, not Jan. 1, when vacation starts.  And it wasn't until late January that HR advised that I had three remaining days that I could use by March 31. 

So March 28, I stayed home!  And I had big plans for the day.  The week before, I jotted down a list of what I hoped to accomplish:

Sorry for the grainy pic.  But I had four things on my to-do list:
Renew my passport 
Organize my drawer with running shirts 
Order a cake for our rehearsal dinner anniversary party 
Register for a race

I also had a few other things in my head that I was going to aim to do, including cooking a somewhat ambitious dinner.  But instead, as of 5:00 on my big day off, I had accomplished zero things on the list.  Gah!!!!! 

Instead I filled my day doing the following:
Supported a friend for a medical thing (but I was home by 9:40 a.m., so don't think this is a good use of my day).
Watched bad TV (Hoarders mostly, and it's true, watching that does make you feel like your house is so clean!!)
Read a magazine
Made lunch
Organized a pile of stuff on my dresser (mostly greeting cards, programs/ticket stubs, race bibs)
Dusted my dresser
Organized the jewelry on top of my closet dresser (I seriously had about a dozen necklaces piled up, instead of where they belonged)
Organized my hanging clothes
Organized a drawer in my husband's dresser

Wrote results on the back of old race bibs (I have grand notions of someday doing a race-bib-wallpaper type thing)

Since my husband had a meeting that night, I abandoned the idea of cooking anything that took effort for dinner and instead just ate whatever.  Finally at about 7:00, I realized that I hadn't really gotten anything done, so I decided to work on organizing my running clothes.  Purged exactly one shirt, but managed to rearrange sufficiently so tanks and shorts share a drawer, and all short sleeves are in a drawer.  Works much better, and I'm glad I got it done. 

So one thing done off my list.  So defeating! 

I feel a little guilty though because when I got to work the next day, I saw my to-do list, and immediately proceeded to order the cake and register for the race -- basically doing at the office things I fully intended to do at home, which pisses me off because I prefer less time in the office as opposed to more time, but each of those tasks seriously took less than five minutes.  Still mildly frustrating that I didn't just do them on my day off.

Anyway, the day off was a very nice treat, even if it was wasted in many ways.  Man, I love napping!!! 


  1. The amount of guilt we put ourselves through for relaxing is just stupid.

    On the flip-side, yesterday we went to that concert in Binghamton, which is an hour away (and traffic in our area means 1 hour +/- 5 minutes haha) ... but we just took it easy and relaxed and ended up rushing out the door a bit. No regrets on the relaxing morning, we got there in plenty of time and then relaxed the rest of the day.

    Sometimes it is important to let stuff go - but it is never easy.

    1. So true! This was all stuff that really did have to get done, just a matter of making time to do it. And I'm now 75% of the way done!

  2. I love days off where I get nothing done! I need to schedule one soon!
    Ha. As if. That won't happen for another few months.

  3. Sounds like a perfect day off to me! I too usually like to create grand lists of all the things I want to get done on a day off, my weekend or on a stay-cation from work. however the vast majority of my lists never get done. haha. nature of the stay at home vacation time.

  4. I think you did quite a bit. I have lists for everything. Sometimes I merge the lists and spend more time making the lists than actually doing the things on the lists! I have been telling my son that someday we are both going to take the day off and do absolutely nothing but lounge around and watch movies. My only criteria is that is has to be a rainy day. Today would be perfect, but I have too much work to do!

  5. In my old job, I had more PTO than I could take, so I regularly took random days off. Mine followed a similar format as yours--start with a big list and big plans, and not get to nearly as many as I wanted. But napping always wins in my book!