Monday, April 17, 2017

Fake Working

As is my usual Marathon Monday tradition, I will be "fake working" pretty much all morning and early afternoon today.  I will be sitting at my desk, watching the live coverage of the race and tracking all my friends, same as I do pretty much every year.  In 2014, when Meb won, multiple people came to my office because I was ... ummm, not quiet.  I was so excited when I realized he was really going to do it. 

The first time I got a BQ was probably the proudest moment of my running career.  Happened at Twin Cities in 2010, and I promptly registered to run Boston in 2011.

It was my favorite marathon by leaps and bounds -- the history, the involvement of the entire city, the runners in town wearing their jackets, and the race itself.  Totally amazing.  I think I've qualified a total of three times (?), but I only ran it once, primarily I think because that day was so perfect that I don't really want another Boston memory.  I don't think it could ever be topped for me. 

Good luck and Godspeed to all the runners today.  May the wind be at your back and the memories among your favorite of all time.  I'll be at my desk and not working. 


  1. Dual monitors. Well, three counting my iPad - I might use that as my viewing screen, haven't decided yet! :) Have too much to do to be completely non-productive ;)

    Enjoy not working today!

  2. I tried so hard to find your friend out there. Turns out fluorescent green and yellow were the predominant colors yesterday!! It was amazing and fun to "chat" with you from the race. I finally got out for my own run at about 8PM last night and I ran into my neighbors who ran the marathon. We actually did see them and gave them a big holler as they sped by. They run it every year as fundraisers. They were still wearing their medals which I loved. We chatted for a bit and they said it got really hot on the course. I hope all of your friends did well. I can only imagine how exciting it is to run the race. I am definitely feeling a renewed sense of running inspiration.

  3. Ha! At my new job many sites are blocked AND I forgot my phone! I was able to get to one news site to find out the winners but was bummed I couldn't watch the live stream.

    1. So we had the same issue here. Site blocked as streaming sports (borrowing a friend's login), but I managed to find a Chinese stream that I played on my phone, and then used my computer to track friends, and a Citrix window to track another group of friends. Such a disappointment that Boston didn't stream it as before. Next year I'm planning it as a work from home day!