Friday, July 1, 2016

Typical July

Took this photo last night.  Looks like July will be cooler than usual because today, July 1, isn't supposed to be 100 or higher (blessedly they're saying only 97 today).

It's about to get ugly...  

I've already had two evening commutes with heat indexes (indeces?) over 100, but now it will be actual temp over 100 as well.   

Oh well, it's like this every year, and I always do some October marathon so I always get through it.  No reason to think this year will be any different.  

Although my current working theory is that my 1-3 days per week of running where I'm working (usually Philly but occasionally lovely places like Cleveland), is causing me to lose my heat acclimation.  This week Monday I had zero miles on the schedule but I woke up in Philly to this: 

And I was powerless not to run...


  1. Whew - my 'running reference' is always the low temperature, since that is basically the 4-5AM temperature :) Even still, it generally gets above 70F at 4 AM fewer times than the wind chill dips below -25F each year. So, yeah ... :)

    And ... I was wearing light gloves and a long sleeve shirt as the 4AM temp was under 50F again this morning :) Very different - even from NYC or Philly! Actually the lows in Philly look like mid-summer up here.

    But I agree that you can get your heat acclimation messed with - I remember being in San Diego for a week mid-winter a couple of weeks ago and it totally messing with my cold weather acclimation - I felt really whiny coming back!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Good gracious. That's horrid. It was 98 today and I was getting all dramatic (For some reason I am NOT acclimating this year. Maybe the long, cool spring, or maybe the unexpected two weeks off while sick, but it just feels too hot to move out there).

  3. It was in the 60s this morning for my long run. It felt absolutely amazing after a hot humid week of running. It's incredible to me that you run in such high temps.