Friday, July 8, 2016


For the approximately 5 people who read this blog who know where we live and what my husband does for work, we're okay. 

The officers involved were not in his department and he was not called in.  They rode double last night and stayed at the station except for calls.  He was told to rest because they're concerned there may be ongoing issues tonight or tomorrow.  Of course, resting wasn't much of an option -- there were non-stop sirens outside, and both our phones were blowing up. 

My heart is breaking for the families.  I don't say that to undermine in any way the heart break families feel when someone is killed by the police. But what happened last night here is pretty much my worst fear.  I trust my husband's judgment and experience so much, so even though I'm relieved he's off the streets in the current climate, when he has any kind of encounter, I'm not particularly nervous because I know he's one of the "cool heads" usually.  (Partly sensitive, partly smart, partly hates paperwork ;))  But for officers to be targeted at random from afar makes me not want to let him out of my sight.  He's my world. 


  1. Seriously ... my heart breaks for everyone who deals with these tragic deaths. As someone local to us said this morning - we all need to remember that there are human beings attached to all of this, actual people with families and people who love and care and are devastated.

    This past weekend a father and son from our town were killed in a freak jet ski accident on the Jersey shore ... and you saw comments on the news site's Facebook page with all kinds of judgments about pretty much everything ... meanwhile inside Corning and the community there is widespread heartbreak.

    So glad you and your husband are ok.

  2. This is such a terrifying and tragic time for so many - but I'm glad to hear your husband is safe.

  3. Such a tragedy, but so glad that your husband is safe.

  4. it's just so scary. i'm glad he wasn't part of that storm.

  5. I actually didn't know your husband was a police officer, but I have been thinking of you. Thanks for letting us know everything's okay. My heart is also breaking. It's just so needlessly tragic.