Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Do you call it winning if you win a lottery for a race you weren't sure you wanted to enter and you're not sure you won?

Well, I won the lottery and will have the option of running the Broad Street race in Philly on May 1! 

I still have to convince myself to buy a ticket to fly halfway across the country for a non-marathon race.  And honestly, probably not even a PR race.  But it certainly would be an experience!  The best scenario would be if I could schedule a work event for the following day, so I'll have to see what I can do, but usually my schedule is at the mercy of others, so it seems unlikely. 

But hey, I won the lottery! 


  1. Yeah, yeah, that's all nice ...

    ... but let's talk about how you "Potty like a rock star"!!!!!


  2. At least you can say you won the lottery. That must be a morale-boost.

  3. Ha! That's awesome. Maybe winning the lottery is a sign that you could win the race and you won't know unless you go run it!!

  4. if it were me, and i could afford it, then i would totally do it! i totally agree with Aimee.