Thursday, February 11, 2016


I work in Philly fairly frequently, so I end up running there every so often -- it's actually like the scene of the crime for me:  when I stepped on that huge rock in September and broke my ankle, that was in a Philly suburb.

The ankle has made vast improvements in the last few weeks.  I am now pain free for more than 7 miles -- to the point where on a good day, I can't even remember which ankle it was!  Doctor is planning to check one more time, but I'm confident at this point that it's healing well and there won't be any surgery.

Anyway, one of the biggest races in the US is held in Philly every Spring -- the Broad Street Run, a 10 mile race. 

I happened to read something about it today, so I looked it up to see when registration is held and I just went ahead and entered the lottery!

It turns out registration opened Feb. 1 and closes tomorrow. 

Why not?

If I get in, I'm far from certain I'd do it -- I have some kind of mental hang-up about buying plane tickets for a race that's not a marathon.  But I'd at least consider it, and maybe even try to see if I have any flexibility to set a work obligation there around the same time.

So I'm officially in the Broad Street lottery.  Woot!  Signing up for races also makes me happy. 


  1. I've heard of that run. Cool! I'll be in Philly for the marathon, so I think that's enough of a Philly race for me this year. Awesome about your ankle!

  2. Fun! Really glad how your ankle is healing up ... that is just awesome! Hopefully you do get in and can finagle work to get you there :)

  3. Yay so glad to hear you are feeling better! Sounds like a fun race. Hopefully if you get in it will coincide with a work trip. I just entered the NYC marathon lottery! Now that's a long shot!!